Saturday, November 30, 2013

Confirmed: Paul Walker Dies In a Blazing Car Crash At The Age of 40

Paul Walker's agent confirms that he was killed in a car accident when his Porsche lost control and crashed into a tree outside of Santa Clarita, CA this Saturday Afternoon.  Unlike the Sonny Bono incident this one resulted in a fiery blaze! He was scheduled to appear for the Fast & Furious 6 world premier in London, England on May 7th.

Jason Genova Is A RACIST: Calls Someone A "NI@@ER" Over Twitter

 Jason Genova thought he could get away with this one, but it turns out the magic of the screen shot is faster than this fat man who sat down to fast.  A source was able to forward me this screen shot of Jason calling "dorianplatz" a.k.a Jim Russells (a fitting name) a nigger.  As you can see in the bottom photo Jason erases the last tweet in fear that the public will find out that he loosely uses this derogatory term.  I think this is grounds for an UNSUB!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Jason Blaha Loses Lawsuit Against Layne Norton?

Mike Mccandless, C.E.O of Scivation and Primaforce, posted on the forums of that Jason Blaha, formerly of Icecreamfitness, lost the lawsuit against Layne Norton.  The cost was supposedly in excess of $400,000.00.  This information is simply based on what McCandless has publicly expressed.  We are still awaiting confirmation. Blaha has been asked directly on his facebook, but is carefully dodging the obviously sensitive question.  Jason has said that sharing details about the pending case would Iin fact get him arrested.
Here's the link to the discussion on

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Youtubers Vs Nick Wright! Endomorphbeast Puts Nick In His Place

This is a video response by Endomorphbeast to Nick Wright of NWB for putting out a video which basically called him, and many other youtubers, "chump change mothafuckazzzz."  Endomporhbeast brought up a point about Nick Wright promoting some "bullshit" green shake as a replacement for veggies, which he later removed. It was assumed by many that the deletion of the video was a result of  Jason Blaha, of Juggernautfitnesstv, calling him out.  With respect to Nick Wright here's his statement as to why the video was removed:

 "The greens video was removed the morning BEFORE Blaha made his response video, due to incorrect info on Pro Biotics. The removal had 0 to do with ANY sort of feedback or video responses."- Nick Wright

  Check out this heated video and watch the battle unfold!

After all the commotion stirred up by Nick Wright, it looks like a few youtubers are pulling their deal with I'll Pump You Up:

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nick Wright Calls Out "I'll Pump You Up" Sponsored Channels

Nick Wright of NWB subtly calls out all youtube channels sponsored by "chump change motha fuckas"... what does that mean?  It means they sell out for chump change.  Nick doesn't out right say the name of the company, but uses obvious and not so clever rhymes that even his numerically challenged buddy, C.E.O of his own sponsor company that rhymes with Are Tee Enn, can understand.  I'm sure if his so called "friends" bring it up about their sponsor he might revert to the good ole scapegoat of "Oh I wasn't talking about you" or something in that realm of cowardice.  Maybe he might man up and admit he was talking about them straight to their face and not sell out to shame or embarrassment.

So are these channels selling out?  It depends on what you feel like your worth is!  You can save a ton of money like Nick did on supplements and never spend a dime on whey protein and supplements... or you can market yourself and pay out of your own pocket keeping your integrity in check and your wallet empty.

List of channels sponsored by
-Andrea Valdez
-Maxx Chewning
-Matty Fusaro
-Chelsea Lifts
-Kenny Gonzales
... some others I can't remember off the top of my head

Monday, November 25, 2013

Bostin Loyd Responds!

Ever wondered what happened exactly to his arm and if doctors needed to cut the damn thing off? Well in this short 30minute video he covers all of that plus more! 

How Much Do Youtuber's Make?

Omarisuf (140,000+subscribers) Shares the other streams of income related to having a youtube channel
 Brandon Campbell (50,000+subscribers) Shares how much he makes on youtube.

 Brandon's Video Response To Omar Isuf

These videos provide an accurate, in-depth review on how much they actually make on youtube.  I know a lot of people wonder how much their favorite channels make and if that can translate into something they can do for themselves.  You'll be surprised at the actual numbers so take a look!

Adam From Get Fit Fast Vows To Get Jason Abs Withing 4-6weeks

This time Adam gets put on blast to see if he can put his money where his mouth is.  Jason Genova is infamous for making "Fitness Gurus" fail time after time when it comes to getting his ass into shape.  If you ever wondered what happens to a big ego when it meets an immovable object?  The ego ends up eating shit if that object was forged by a Sith Lord.  Whoever dares to try and conquer the unchanging canvas we call Jason Genova is bound to look like a fool.  Adam talks a big game, but is Jason's deceit even bigger?  We'll soon find out in 6 weeks. 

BEFORE... (after photo will be posted in 6 weeks)

Greg Kovacs Dies of Heart Related Complications

Greg Kovacs was perhaps one of the strongest bodybuilders in history.  He had show & go, but at what cost?  Sure some will attribute his death to other reasons and ignore the elephant in the room.  In his early years of bodybuilding you'll notice that his physique was something to marvel at, but in his later years he looked to have suffered from a condition called Palumboism, a condition in which a bodybuilders limbs shrink and their midsection becomes overly developed (unknown causes).

Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Actual Calories In A Chipotle Burrito Bowl

Sure you can plug away at your My Fitness Pal App on your phone and assume that what you're logging in is accurate.  The reality is that those calories could be off by 300 calories!!! Here's an example of a typical Chipotle burrito bowl, made famous by Matt Ogus of Legends of Aesthetics a.k.a flexforall2 a.k.a G4P godfather.  Unless you're experienced at "eyeballing" your macros and you're in contest prep... Best you'd make yer own mealz buddy!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Vince Garza Of POG Gets Shredded With John Otis HollyWood

For those thinking that Vince was on a "forever bulk" well think again!  John Otis Hollywood a.k.a the Pro Architect is getting his blue prints out for this POG member.  Ever wondered what a shredded awkward nerd looks like?  well wait and see!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

TheRage191 Calls Up Jason Genova

The rage191 calls up jason genova and interviews him in a fashion that only sith lords can understand.  Jason has an interesting way of responding to his own famous, "peace out bye."

BULLSHIT Marketing Pictures

What's wrong with this picture?  Holy shit where do I start?  First off this asshole in the first picture isn't benching... he's posing on a bar with supposedly 405lbs on it.  You're damn right he's posing on in instead of benching it because everyone knows his bitch-ass needs to fake it.  Sorry bro all that flexing isn't going to make us believe shit.  As for the 2nd picture... 135lbs... really?  You have a picture of a guy faking that he can bench 405lbs and another picture of this bastard struggling with 135lbs... COME ON!  Now for the last picture... Who deadlifts less than what they BENCH?!  Failed attempt at motivation!

Luimarco's Man Crush On GSP George St. Pierre

If you want to hear more about this "love affair" then visit his channel at and witness this newly erected shrine of videos dedicated to the one and only GSP aka George St Pierre.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Adam of Get Fit Fast Supplements Exposes Himself & Blackstone Labs!

Around 13mins into the video Adam, of Get Fit Fast,  discusses with Jason and his mom how he sells "Crap" to make a living and would much rather have him get results the "natural" way.  Adam also points out that the products that Jason is taking will give him: "Small Balls", "Bitch Tits" and problems with his testosterone.  Again these are words he put out there and not of my own so no bullshit defamation threats! Both Adam and Blackstone Labs boast about the safety of these supplements and pro-hormone/ legal pct products, but judging from the statements that he made in this video those claims can easily be interpreted as false.  We're not exactly sure what was in the bag and as far as the public knows, Jason's only supplement sponsors were Iron Mag Labs and Blackstone Labs.  Has someone been doing a little fibbing on their part or was Jason making secret purchases on the side?! Watch and judge for yourself.

Shout out to Amit Dt for bringing this to my attention.

Jason Genova LIED About His Diet!

Watch this video that Jason Genova posted... himself.  Jason's diet, as administered by Aaron Singerman, was supposed to consist of: beef, mustard, eggs and water, but it turns out that he ate and drank everything else other than that! He downed coca cola on a consistent basis, ate sub sandwiches and more!  He claims that he has a passion for bodybuilding and follows directions.  Turns out his passion is a joke and only cares about subscribers.  Blackstone Labs knew he was full of shit when he claimed to follow his diet and dropped his sponsorship.  Jerry Ward from Bios3training was right!  This kid is a joke when it comes to bodybuilding and should issue that apology to his fans and former sponsors. Only Jason Genova would put himself on blast!

Monday, November 18, 2013

What Blackstone Labs Thinks about Jason Genova: "Not The Sharpest Crayon In The Box"

Here are a few screenshots from the blackstone labs blog on what they think about Jason Genova.

Here's the link to the blackstone labs article: No comment

Bostin Loyd: Possible Amputation?


1470137 747452491947640 135071928 n 
Talk about sacrificing health for wealth.  The picture in the left was posted by Boston Loyd a few weeks ago on his Facebook.  He believed that the reason for the swelling was due to a nerve being hit during his routine steroid injections (which he openly admits to taking so DON'T SUE ME!).  Turns out after the swelling subsided, the picture in the left depicts what looks like necrotic tissue.  I showed this picture to several people in the medical field and they all agree that it may have been due to a dirty needle which created an abscess in his arm.  They claim that portions of his arm NEED to be salvaged as soon as possible.  If not, severe illness, amputation and death are highly possible.  To read more about it, here's an interesting article on Boston Loyd posted by Blackstone Labs.  Reason why I'm linking this is because they mention another delusional half witted "pseudo superstar" named Jason "iron uploader who trolls former all Mr. Olympias for subscribers" Genova.

Link to the blackstone labs article

Friday, November 15, 2013

Ian Mccarthy Admits He's Wrong And Apologizes

As many of you know, Ian can come off as brash and arrogant, but he has the ability to admit when he's wrong.  To some this may not come off as a big deal, but if you check out a ton of the broscience gurus out there a strong majority of them fear that they'll choke on their pride if they even attempt to swallow it!  For example The Hodge Twins subtly switched over from eating like bros to welcoming flexible dieting into their lifestyle.  Don't believe me?  Check out their video where on of their meals consisted of protein shakes and cornbread!  It's safe to say that experience is the greatest teacher.  Many self proclaimed gurus can take note of this and learn something.  The difference between science and broscience is that it allows a venue for logical debates or discussions. 

Dorian Yates Tells Jason Genova To Stop Trolling Twitter and Chill Out

The iron uploader was at it under our noses.  Remember guys he does all this for the love of bodybuilding and not for subscribers...... LOL

Jason Blaha ATTACKED by CEO of Scivation, Primaforce and

Jason's Take on Green Shakes and Micro-nutrient Intake
Jason's Response to Mike McCandless Publicly Attacking Him


The No Bullshit Bodybuilding page shared a video posted by Jason Blaha in regards to a controversial "green shake." Supplement companies promote this "green shake" as an alternative to REAL food in obtaining essential micro-nutrients.  Jason Blaha disagreed openly in one of his videos which apparently rustled some Jimmy's ... including that of Scivation owner Mike Mccandless.  Watch the initial video by Jason entitled, "Nick Wright Green Shake To Replace Fruits & Vegetables"   that started the first knot in the panties of supplement owners. Also check out the 2nd video to see his response to Mccandless.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ian McCarthy a Broscientist?!

Here's the link to the actual screen shots as posted from Sebastian Fitness Solutions:

This video pretty much calls out Ian McCarthy as being a broscientist. Could it be true?  Or is this individual who made the video the actual broscientist?  To know the truth you actually have to have some knowledge in interpreting research and at the least have some common sense.  I'm sure many are expecting Jason Blaha of Juggernautfitness to chime in and drops some insight for those who actually give a shit about science. Supposedly Ian is known for blocking people at the drop of a dime and creating his own his own utopia of ass kissers on his Facbook and Youtube. Very much like luimarco, if you hurt his feelings ... BLOCKED!

Chris Jones of Physiques of Greatness Admits He's Homophobic

Chris Jones of physiques of greatness openly admits that he is homophobic.  In his exact words, "Very Homophobic".  In past video's he proclaims that he does not have anything against gays or homosexuals, but in this video he openly admits that he has a phobia towards it. In this recent video made by Eric Kanevsky, a.k.a Kanevskyfitness on youtube, entitled "Prank Calling Chris Jones of Physiques of Greatness" Eric's cousin pranks call him in regards to a "gay" themed photo shoot and Chris Jones rages like there's no tomorrow!  Watch and judge for yourself! 

Friday, November 8, 2013

WHAT'S THIS BULLSHIT: White Ranger Vs Scorpion


Who Is John Otis Hollywood?

J.O.H is somewhat of a mystery.  He works behind the scenes turning mediocre physiques into something the gods on mt. olympus can be jealous of.  It wasn't until recently he emerged from behind the scenes and into the limelight on youtube where he was featured on the Physiques of Greatness and Tigerfitness channels.  Even the likes of luimarco and Jason Blaha, of Juggernautfitnesstv, have attested that if they were ever going to do a bodybuilding show, they would pick John Otis Hollywood as their coach.  Rumor has it that he was a team3dmj athlete or somehow related to the group, but I still have no confirmation on that.  Take a look at his recently posted video on youtube which highlights just a few of his clients.  After watching this you'll understand why they call him the "Pro Architect".

Jason Genova Gets New Sponsorship

According to the Sith Lord, he found a new sponsor after Blackstone Labs DROPPED him!  It's not what you'd think though.  Take a look at these few photos.

Monday, November 4, 2013

No Bullshit Bodybuilding's Ian McCarthy Goes After Jerry of Bios3training

Ian McCarthy is well known for curing the disease we call broscience with ... Science.  As you can see here Ian attacks this idea of being able to lose weight without being a caloric deficit as posed by Jerry of Bios3Training.  It seems that the LAW of thermodynamics is the only law with the ability to defy the laws of physics. 

Breaking News: Blackstone Labs DROPS Jason Genova Sponsorship!!!

P.J Braun made it clear in his past video that Jason Genova would be dropped if he didn't make a solid effort to follow his diet and exercise plan.  For the past few weeks Jason looks almost exactly the same as he did before the diet!  That's not all, watch the video to understand the real reasons as to why Blackstone Labs decided to drop Jason.  In addition to this, Jason supposedly lied about receiving a certain amount of money provided by Aaron and P.J. Jason also felt that he deserved $2,000 instead of the provided $400 that they were giving them.  Word on the street is that Jason said he was receiving $1000 from them when in fact he was only receiving less than half!