Friday, September 25, 2015

Chris Jones of Pump Chasers CAUGHT TRESPASSING?!

*Update* Anytime Fitness also accuses Chris Jones of stealing a protein shake

Here's the footage they captured at the gym:


  1. smh white boys have no dude code , snitching like that cuz he got a work out in

    1. And because he stole a protein shake, but you being an ignorant sack of shit, you had to bring race into it for no reason. If this was a white YouTuber, you would have said something similar to "white people are crazy lmfao"

  2. faggit, it aint about snitching, he makes 6 figures???? Cant afford a five dollar shake, fuck that.

  3. How the fuck you offer $200 to a gym to stay open for them then sneak into another one and steal......

  4. How the fuck you offer $200 to a gym to stay open for them then sneak into another one and steal......

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  6. As old as this is topic is I still fucks with Chris let's be real we have all done some sneaky shit in our life. Like when you were 5 yrs old and you swiped that piece of candy and waited till no one was around to eat LOL.


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