Wednesday, December 18, 2013

One of The Hodge Twins Died? RIP Twinmuscleworkout

Rumors are buzzing around the internet claiming that Keith Hodge died in a car accident or was killed in some way shape or form... Y'all are some dumb fucks.  All you have to do is visit their official twitter: and read their recent tweets.  Sure their last video posts on their youtube channels were in late November, but that's simply because they're gearing up for new projects in 2014.  Word on the street is The Hodgetwins have an upcoming sitcom and/or movie roles so keep an eye out for some of their hollywood and financial GAAAAAIIIIIIINNNNNSSSSS.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Is Bostin Loyd Racist? IIFYM Debate

Ok we know he' isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, but this has been proven time and time again so lets overlook his brilliant analysis of IIFYM also known as "flexible dieting" for just a second.   Reading these few posts I notice two things... blacks eating "fried chicken n kool aid" and a "Arabic fucktard."  Hopefully Bostin can help us by providing us with more of his intellectual insight in regards to the strong corrleation between Blacks eating "fried chicken n cool aid" and protein synthesis.  Hell lets hope he also throws in the correlation between Arabic and how it enhances the effects of being a "fucktard" since he figured that he should group the two.

Mike O'Hearn A Fake Natural? Youtubers Share Their Thoughts

Luimarco's Video On Mike O'Hearn

Jason Blaha and Luimarco ... well Jason blaha calls out Mike O'Hearn on his claim of being "natural" and follows up with a solid, "FUCK YOU!"  Luimarco on the other hand also pokes fun, in a very legal friendly video, at Mike's "natural" claim and goes through a list of "natural" pictures that O'Hearn has "naturally" taken.  Nowadays with all the people starting to pop their heads out of their asses it's tough to claim natural when science says otherwise.  Check these videos out and judge for yourself.

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Jason Genova Admits Calling Someone a "Nigger"

The Iron Liar is at it again.  On this subject of racism, Genova claimed that someone hacked his twitter account, but in this video he said it was in fact him dishing out racial slurs.  Genova's fans are quick to defend him when an offensive posts goes up on his Twitter or Facebook and blame "chad" or some other moron who may have his password.  Well... You fuckers are wrong!  For those of you on Jason's dick can now get off of it!  The Sith Lord finally admits that was in fact him calling someone a Nigger... not not nigga, but Nigger on twitter out of sheer anger.  4mins and 22 secs into this video, an annoying whale that will give you high cholesterol if you lock lips with her, brings up the racist comment that Jason made on twitter.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Planet Fitness Kicks Out Guest In A Very Unprofessional Way!

Eric Kanevsky of Kanevsky Fitness is notorious for trolling the bodybuilding world from broscience spewing GNC employees to gyms that only judge those who actually lift like this Planet Fitness.  Troll or not this employee acted very unprofessional and if anything... his ass should be the kicked out from employment.  This idiot doesn't even look like he lifts and clearly doesn't know what the fuck lifting chalk is!!!  Check out Kanevsky's latest troll!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Who's Alpha? Bodybuilder VS Jiu Jitsu Blackbelt

Bodybuilders like to spew tons of bullshit about being "alpha" and live under the assumption that having big muscles makes you the king of the jungle.  WRONG!  This is one huge misconception on the meat head's part.  Royce Gracie has proven this time and time again in the past during the UFC before rules existed.  If you want to become alpha getting strong and learning how to fight are at least the 2 basics you have to master.

FAKE Demon Like Creature Crawling On Building In Russia

The video starts off with a guy recording a video with absolutely nothing on it... first off who the hell records outside their window with absolutely nothing to see?  All of a sudden a slender man looking son of a bitch crawls down the roof?  Is this a damn coincidence?  "oh i was recording a regular looking building just for the hell of it not knowing a demon who looks like he's going through a cut for contest prep decided to do his cardio by climbing buildings shows up."  RIGHT...  Whats more moronic is having these bullshit videos posted with some text from the bible to strike fear into the public while the CGI designer laughs his balls off.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Is Jason Blaha Calling Out Alberto Nunez & Marc Lobliner?


Who could Jason Blaha of Juggernautfitnesstv be referring to?  There aren't that many fitness gurus on youtube that practice occlusion training given that it's somewhat unorthodox and not fully researched.  In fact there's less than a handful... more like a ballsack full gurus/coaches/youtubers that come to mind when you mention occlusion training.  Alberto Nunez, team3dmj coach, and Marc Lobliner of Tigerfitness are amongst the most popular prep coaches to date and actively promote occlusion training.  What exactly is occlusion training?  It's also known as Blood Flow Restriction Training where you actively restrict that blood flow to your extremities and train with lighter weights.  To read more about it here's the link:

 Photo: 8 mins of occlusion training. I'm still in one piece. #12incharms The JoshStrength Method Metroflex PlanoPhoto: Occlusion bicep/ tricep training for 8 mins straight! Metroflex Plano #metroflex #metroflexplano #gym The JoshStrength Method

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Featured Fitness Youtuber: Haiyen Do (CrazyAsianChik)

     You requested it and here it is! Now STFU and stop spamming me!  Here I'll spotlight new and upcoming youtube channels that haven't gone snobby and hollywood yet.  Hopefully this can be a catalyst to that!  Here's the first featured youtuber who goes by the name Crazyasianchik on youtube.  She's the older sister of Tony Do a.k.a tdo a.k.a pureaesthetics93, a current team3dmj athlete.  So why did I choose her first?  It was a toss up between her, chelsealifts and barbellafitness.  Chelsea gets enough shout-outs from bigger channels already and barbellafitness is also steadily gaining momentum.  Oh and it also was simply because there's too much penis in the youtube scene right now I figured that females needed to be recognized as well.  I read a study which revealed that there was far too many pancake asses at the gym, manufactured by treadmills and elipticals, and I thought that these females could lead the movement on educating females to squat, deadlift, and track macros.
     Aside from all the bullshit here's Haiyen Do,  I was linked to her channel by someone who follows the blog and found that she's actually... badass.  She's a fitness competitor that's also a gamer.  If you though all female gamers were fat, acne blessed and ate hot pockets all day... well you were wrong.  For you geeks out there check out youtube's fitness version of olivia munn. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Luimarco Rips Mike Chang & Calls Him Out On His Bullshit!

Luimarco is well known for staying lean all year long.  Unlike Mike Chang of Sixpackshortcuts, Luimarco actually has a six pack while Chang sports a "fat pack" as Lui puts it.  This video Luimarco posted in response to Mike Chang's "Afterburn" pre-workout hits the nail directly on the head.  Chang claims that the big three companies are trying to shut his pre-workout down, but Luimarco brilliantly calls Mike Chang out on his bullshit!  Aside from this video watch the other posted video from Lui that basically puts Mike Chang to shame!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The First Ian McCarthy Liftingforlife Workout Collab Video

Tons of viewers out there in youtubeland have a passionate hate for No Bullshit Bodybuilding C.E.O Ian McCarthy and consistently ask him, "do you even lift?"  Well here's the very first collaboration/workout video from the 3rd most hated fitness youtuber that I hope you all can enjoy.  Does he even lift?  Well watch the damn video and see for yourself!

Juice Cleansing Idiots

For some odd reason it's the morbidly obese individuals that come up with the most idiotic ways to lose weight.  For example the infamous "juice cleanse."  Do they really fail to understand the true nature of the liver and believe, without properly researching, that juice cleanses will magically make them detoxified and skinnier?  People like Shay Carl of Shayloss on youtube as well as Jumoke of Jumoketvfitness are advocates of these juice cleanses. Can one seriously believe that a juice cleanse defies the laws of thermodynamics?  Do you also believe that you can substitute the role of what your liver was meant to do with simple juices?  If so please share and of course don't forget to link us to your references.  Inb4 "It boosts your metabolism, but I can't really explain the mechanism behind it without citing some non-peer reviewed broscience resource"

Mike Chang Six Pack Short D*cks

A lot of youtubers are pissed off with Mike Chang's Six Pack Short Cut broscience and many made parody's of his "weird" pitches, but this one takes the cake.   Here's a parody of the infamous Mike change with a little twist from youtuber: toos training. Take a look and maybe you'll find one weird trick to make your life more fulfilling in this video.