Friday, October 31, 2014

Vince Garza: The Leech of P.O.G? Chris Jones Responds

An article sent in by a P.O.G subscriber:

"In this video Chris Jones states that he has been carrying the channel for about a year now.  Carrying as in editing his own videos, creating content and pushing their products.  Currently the duo is splitting all profits 50-50 despite the lack of effort and contribution on Vince's part.  On Vince's Facebook you'll notice a slew of pictures that have nothing to do with fitness and physiques of greatness... what you'll see is upgrades of his new ride,  questions about a new car grill, posts about new rims and he even uploaded a video of himself driving away in his fresh new Mercedes as a response to haters.  What are we actually seeing here?  It's the hard work and effort that Chris has put in to bring the channel to where it's currently at.  Chris defends Vince by exclaiming that he does work behind the scenes.  Truth is Chris can hire any dumb ass to do Vince's job while Vince can NOT hire someone to do Chris's job on screen.  A vast majority would agree that if Chris left POG and Vince took over... it would be in a deep shit hole.  If Vince doesn't even show his face in the next 5 years, the channel would not be any different than it is now.

Here's Vince posting his spoils thanks to the hard work of Chris Jones.  Vince saw Chris as his cash cow and is now milking the fuck out of him." ~ Anon (p.o.g subscriber)

THE VIDEO OF VINCE SHOWING OFF HIS RIDE... one of the rare pog videos that he contributes to the channel

Friday, October 17, 2014

Marc Lobliner and Rich Gaspari Give Consumers The Run Around?

Marc traveled a long ways to "clear the air"... not one mention about bankruptcy, rumors, or any bs.

Belgium's OBESE Minister of Health: Maggie De Block

De Block as in her ass is as big as de block she lives on.  Everyone's first reaction is to assume that everything that comes out of her mouth will be utter bullshit.  That's where you're all wrong.  Someone with cognitive deficits can claim that 2 + 2 = 4 and have it proven to be true regardless of where the information is coming from.  The same goes here.  Sure she's a fat whale, but because of that does it automatically make what she says or preaches about health false?

My problem is this whale of a tale claims that obesity is a problem... well then set an example and lose some damn weight you fat bastard.  Read the article here:

Layne Norton Owned In Metabolic Damage Discussion?

Layne Norton Calls The Police on Jason Blaha: Coward Move?

Dr. Layne Norton has been recieving threats (internet and comment section of videos) from Jason Blaha's fans.  This prompted the good doctor to call the police on Blaha due to his fear of internet trolls.