Wednesday, September 24, 2014

FRAUDS? WFC Physique of The Week. Monster Supps & O.N. CALL THEM OUT!

 World Fitness Champions have been called out by Monster Supplements & Optimum Nutrition... In short they were faking the funk and bullshitting sponsorships

Jason Blaha chimes in on the controversy

Monday, September 22, 2014

Jason Genova SCREWED OVER by WFC Physique of The Week

The Dark Lord Spaniard was hot in the lead with 1300+ likes in this physique of the week competition, but little did he know he was screwed over by the organization due to "Buying Likes."
Everyone knows that the Sith Lord has problems buying his own Energy Drink let alone likes for a measly $150 worth of supplements.   #JUSTICEFORJASON
Watch as Jason realizes that he was screwed over due to "politics".

Below is a screen shot of their allegations of Genova Purchasing facebook likes to win the competition. 

Brody's Heartwarming plea to bring justice to Jason via  Click the pic to read the full article and sign the petition!

Youtubers cry out for JUSTICE!!!