Saturday, February 22, 2014

Fitness Feud Escalates: Jeff Seid Vs Jason Blaha

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Jeff Seid responding to a message from Kanevsky in regards to a future collab

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Blaha messaging Kanevsky in regards to the previous post made by Jeff Seid
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 Jason Blaha makes a video in response to the feud with Jeff Seid.
Many of the comments consist of Blaha supposedly going full potato.  You decide!

sounds like a good idea right?

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Omar Isuf Has Had Enough Of Six Pack Shorcut's Mike Chang!

Chang has been known to name drop a few fitness youtuber names on his ads as clickbait for those new and ignorant to fitness without their permission (legally he doesn't need one, but it's still a bitch ass move).  Omar Isuf is one example.  Omar has clearly stated in the past that he does not affiliate himself nor does he give any permission to Chang to use his name for either titles or workouts.  To that Omar respectfully responds with a healthy serving of #GOFUCKYOURSELF. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Therage191 Dressed As A Valentine Drag Queen TROLLING

Where the hell did this video come from?  Therage191 dressed in what looks to be a bloody tampon with hearts trolls passerby's with bodybuilding insults.

Lyle McDonald Finally Posts Youtube Videos.

WTF... where's the shit talking, war mongering, raging Lyle that we all know from Facebook?! Maybe he wrote the script strictly to keep his loose mouth in line.  Thanks to Van Brah for letting us all know that the dad from American Pie is finally posting videos on youtube.  Inb4 "does he even lift?!"

Low Carb Cory Stirs Up Shit and Gets Owned

Chelsea's Video On Bad Advice
A 30 year old's butt hurt response... he even posts a picture of a tombstone to make it dramatic.

Low carb cory is well known for going full potato when it comes to putting out videos.  He believes all types of publicity is good publicity.  I guess its good to be known as the guy who records his shit in a toilet, loves eating "CHOCALATE," who thought the world was going to end and has meltdowns more often than Jason Genova flexes.  He's also notorious for deleting his videos after he makes a fool out of himself.  A great example is his video calling out big j's extemefitness.  Read my past post on it.  Now he's trying to shove words down Chelsea of Chelsealifts mouth and defame her.  All for the sake of views.  If the YouTube fitness community ever needed a Jester to laugh at... I think we already know who would take the cake.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ian McCarthy Will Collab With Jason "customize your lies" Genova

*updated Feb 9, 2014 @ 10:30pm
It's Official... According to J Cream
Jason and Ian Macatthy are doing a collab!

Talk about two extremes of the spectrum converging.  This could be one sickening hit or a pissening disappointment.  In the past a fake Ian McCarthy account on youtube trolled The Sith Lord Genova which lead to a call out video.   From the looks of it that misunderstanding is piss under the bridge and a collab looks promising.  Will Genova try to share his scientific explanations with Ian?  Or will Ian conform to the "Man Getter's" vernacular?  I'd like to witness an in-depth discussion between the two on the theory of having an upper body which makes it harder to develop the lower body ... or was it vice versa?  ... or was there something regarding "pear harbour" in there?

Friday, February 7, 2014

Low Carb Cory Shows You How To Snap Your Shit Up AND FAILS AT MATH!!!
Proof that LCC claimed 350lbs on the bar

I really try my best not to visit this guy's channel, it's like walking into a sauerkraut lover's fart cloud while eating paint chips....  Anyhow someone showed me his remarkable deadlift "Personal Record" video which was a magnificent display of all the things you're not supposed to do.  who records a PR of 350lbs.  For most 350lbs a deload weight and hardly a milestone, but if you say that to Cory he might look at you crooked.  Anyhow if you want to know what NOT to do on a deadlift, watch this video.  It's a mixture of a back snap, good morning, knee buckle, calf raise and a cat stretch rolled into one.

*Correction:  Low Carb Cory tried to pull a fast one and bullshit 350lbs on the bar, but luckily Chase Fitness Daily was able to catch something.  There's actually 330lbs on the bar not 350! 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Youtube Beef: Jeff Seid Vs Jason Blaha

Here's Jason Blaha's Official Response to Jeff Seid
... It's basically a 4 minute "fuck you" video.

This is perhaps the most odd feud ever.  The Justin Bieber of the fitness world vs a powerlifting lawsuit magnet.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Jason Blaha's Reason For "No Show" Vs Layne Norton

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In other words Layne Norton just purchased an expensive piece of paper.  With that said... who was the real winner then?

Fake Jason Genova Sponsorship, Real Responses

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Everything in this post from the sponsorship of Jason Genova by Optimum Nutrition to the exchange between Jason Genova and Chris Jones is all fake!  ... Except from the response from John Otis Hollywood in regards to our lovable Potato.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Danica Patrick Taking Steriods?!?!

No you dumb shits!  It's a damn muscle suit! It's for a commercial for  Even the 100% natural, real weight pushing Kalimuscle is in this ad!

Vince Garza Drops John Otis Hollywood and Takes His Own "Expert" Advice

John Otis Hollywood constructed more champions than Ol' Dirty Bastard manufactured babies.  With that said Vince Garza believes, in his own expert opinion, that his own way is the right way.  Fuck science right?  That 205lbs that he hit during that dirty bulk was pure muscle RIGHT?!  In the past Vince already mentioned that he was going to drop JOH because he didn't agree with the volume, rep ranges and overall training that he was providing.  So what do you all think?  Is this a protocol that the Pro Architect would approve of or did Vince already give him the axe?