Thursday, January 28, 2016

Vince G Taking Steroids?!

 Vince G the swole nerd is looking to Dbol-ish his goals within the next year.  Could this be his way of being a true rival to the all natural Chris Jones of Pump Chasers?
*side note: it's little shits like this motherfucker, Hayel Zandani, that need to be put on blast for not providing evidence with their bold claims.  Photoshopped? Here is the thread on Vince Garza's personal fb page (which is public).  You can scroll down in the comments section and find the actual conversation between Adam and Vince.  Don't ever test my credibility.

Dr. Layne Norton RACIST?!

Man I'm telling ya... America has become a bunch of butt hurt pussies that get offended by everything.  Next president should come up with a "GROW SOME FUCKING BALLS" initiate instead of pussy ass anti-bullying laws.

If the word "colored" is so bad then why do they have it on the naacp?

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Elgintensity & Vince Garza Fight!

Let the keyboard bangin' begin!
Check out the exchange between the two


Jumping the gun before the youtube resident steroid expert Jason Blaha (Juggernautfitnesstv) calls Matt Kido (GokuFlex) out for being a fake natty.
Does he claim to be Natural?
Yes he does.  Skip to 1:55 in the video below.

Here's Jason Blaha calling him out as a fake natty

Friday, January 8, 2016

UPDATE: Jason Blaha VS Bio-gro Debate

Did iSatori accept Jason Blaha's counter offer? Read below and you decide.

Marc's Periscope video where he addresses Jason Blaha Personally (links to periscope)
*Skip to 16:17*

Here's the initial debate challenge and counter offer between both parties
Marc Lobliner's final response