Friday, September 25, 2015

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Deleted Video found: Vince Garza LEECHES From The Government?!

There are tons of subscribers accusing Vince Garza of Physiques of Greatness of leeching off of Chris Jones... Well is that the only entity he's leeching off of?  Garza put his own foot in his mouth when he claimed that he put the Physiques of Greatness channel under Chris Jones as a safeguard from being disqualified from section 8 benefits.

Let me break it down:
-Vince Garza's family is receiving government funded aid because their family makes a menial income.  This allows them to be qualified for section 8 ( government aid for very-low-income families).
-Vince suggested that Chris Jones put Physiques of Greatness under his name so he can make a decent income without jeopardizing his mother's government benefits.
-Vince EXPECTED PoG to be a success so he agreed to have the channel under Chris Jones just in case his mother gets disqualified from section 8 benefits.

So you make a 6 fig income now... is that not enough?  Do you really need to still be under the section 8 program?  Those are tax payer dollars that should be going to those who barely make a 5 figure income.

UPDATE: Here's the deleted video.  8:26 is where he puts his foot in his mouth
Infinite Elgintensity, a Lawyer and Youtuber, Calls Vince out on welfare fraud
 Jason Blaha of Juggernautfitnesstv weighs in on Vince G's welfare fraud

 The link to the video that was deleted... hmmm wonder why... welfare fraud perhaps?

Monday, September 7, 2015

Vince VS Chris: RIP Physiques of Greatness?

That long time beef that I've posted about in the past between Chris Jones and Vince Garza finally hit the melting point.   Did Chris Jones really screw over vince? Gymshark dropped Vince? iSatori only wanted Chris? There's so much exposed by each of them in this video... so what will happen to Vince's Benz paychecks. Watch the series of videos where they exchange blows:
Chris puts the blame on Vince
Chris responds to Vince's allegations
Chris makes another response video on his beastmode training camp channel
Marc Lobliner gives his input (one in the pink, two in the stink)
Bios3training shares his two cents