Sunday, March 10, 2013


The geniuses at Massivejoes are at it again with their broscience.  They are well known for providing archaic fitness advice with absolutely no scientific evidence to back their claims.  They openly admit to disagreeing with science based evidence due to their belief in anecdotal evidence a.k.a broscience.  It's obvious that they have no clue how to conduct science based studies and are under the belief that what they experience in the gym trumps what scientists and researchers find.  I challenge them to provide credible empirical evidence to support their broscience claims.  After all it is up to the people providing bold claims to provide the burden of proof or in this instance evidence of their claims.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Matt Ogus a.k.a Flexforall2 Calls Fans "Faggots" and using them to pay for his condo!!!

Matt Ogus a.k.a Flexforall/ flexforall2 outright tells his fans that he'll be using them for their money to pay for his condo and furnishings.  In this video he liberally uses the words, "fag" and "faggots" and shows no shame at all in using his fans for money.  Other youtube gurus have defended Matt Ogus thinking that he did "gay 4 pay" out of necessity... in this video he presented the exact opposite! 

Friday, March 1, 2013

WTF OF THE WEEK: Sinkhole Consumes Man!

A 30 ft Sinkhole consumes a man while sleeping at home in his own bed.  What idiot allowed a house to be built on a sinkhole?!  Sinkholes usually occur in soft sand/ porous limestone areas and this is WELL understood yet they still allow homes to be built over it.  What a tragedy!  As of now authorities can not conduct a thorough search due to risk.