Thursday, February 28, 2013


Finally one of the most annoying and horrendously stupid trends has been put to an end by none other than a wise Mexican Mother.  I wish she can mass produce these belts and send it to everyone of these moron's mothers who made a dumb harlem shake video and give them a whooping!  DEATH TO THE HARLEM SHAKE!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

On Blast: Legends of Aesthetics ... Stealing Logos?!

This is the text "alte schwabacher" that LOA used

What's wrong with this picture?  Has Matt Ogus C.E.O of legends of aesthetics been at under our noses? In the past he has been called out by the likes of Chris Jones for stealing ideas and titles based on the Physiques of Greatness videos.  At first we thought Chris Jones was losing it, but from the looks of it, turns out that what he has been preaching may be true.  Matt Ogus has a knack for stealing peoples shit? or is it just coincidence?  On the left is the original  Legends MMA "L" and on the Right is the Legends of Aesthetics L... Too damn similar if you ask me! Both L's are in the text of "alte schwabacher".    You decide

Here's the Legends MMA link:

Keyboard Warrior's Worst Nightmare... Reality

Both on youtube and facebook, trolls and keyboard warriors take pride in talking shit.  They very well know that they're protected by the magical barrier they call the computer screen.  Weapon of choice?  The keyboard.    Long story short Stephen forgets that he doesn't have a computer screen to save him when Flabby Frank wants to test how skilled Stephen is at blocking his punches with his face.  Beta Males in reality act like Alphas online.  You can find tons of these examples on bodybuilding pages and youtube channels where keyboard warriors talk mad shit about others physique while they posses one that is nothing to brag about.

Embarassing: Matt Ogus (flexforall2) Gay For Pay (No Nudity!)

Bodybuilding Guru and C.E.O of Legends of Aesthetics has been caught in the act of supplying Gay for Pay.  This Zyzz fanatic who boasts about being alpha has been exposed to be far from the top of the bodybuilding food chain.  This video sparked controversy when Chris Jones of Physiques of Greatness posted this video on his facebook to embarrass the manlet of peace.  First off how can you and your "bros" claim to be alpha when you make these gay for pay videos on muscle worship?  There's nothing alpha about it.  I feel sorry for you, your friends and teammates... who knows how far you'll go for a $$.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

MORON OF THE MONTH: Clinton, "I'm just waiting for a mate

Take a look at this cockeyed pudgy bastard... Does he honestly think that by sitting there in the passenger seat, on the curb WITH a flat tire and smashed front end can pass one by the cops?  He sits there calmly as if nothing happened and claims that he's "just waiting for a mate."  Shut your adipose collecting ass up you dumb bastard.  Drunk drivers don't need to have their license back ever!!! One offense is enough.  Don't worry buddy, you'll have plenty of mates in jail... y'all can do as much mating as you want.  Oh and you'll have plenty of time to study the dictionary like Malcom X.  By then you'll know the exact definition of "Definitive."