Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Elliott Hulse's Response to Elgin's Channel Getting Shut Down!
This is Elgin's Response To Elliott 
I knew all those commentary videos would catch up to him.  I'm pretty sure, aside from crossfit, inc, a few of the youtube BRO's had something to do with it.  RIP Infinite Elgintensity, I crie evry tiem. As of now his back up channel is up and running.  Wait a sec... it doesn't stop there.  Eliott Hulse takes advantage of the situation and shares his thoughts on Elgin's Channel getting the boot.  Type in the damn link yourself you lazy bastards.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Jason Genvoa's New Coach: Ian McCarthy

Wow... what can be said?  I respect Ian's wisdom and intellect when it comes to the science behind bodybuilding, but can that be really applied to someone as dense as Jason Genova? ... hey Jason said himself that he's "dense." There's a reason why he's called a terminator.  He's notorious for terminating both the will and confidence of all personal trainers and Coathes.   I'm calling another failure in the making.  Unless you're there close enough to wipe Genova's ass, you're not getting him shredded.  Here's a response from Bios3training's Jerry Ward, who called Jason Genova out on his diet and training in the past:

CT Fletcher Defends His Bullshit "Certification"

 Okay so let me get this straight.  CT is offering to have YOU to challenge YOURSELF, but you have to pay him for it.  Is he seriously comparing his training to Navy Seals Training?  I showed this post to one of the BUD/S instructors that I see frequently and he just chuckled.  As if you need a certification with no clout to be labeled as an elite bad ass.  These comments found in the video sums it up pretty much:

CT Fletcher's description of what the purpose of the program is about lol

Sunday, April 27, 2014

CT Fletcher SELLS OUT! Bull Shit Certification!

InfiniteElgintensity's video on CT Fletcher's Bull Shit (B.S) Certification
CT Fletcher's Original Video
If you're looking to get a B.S... ehem... I mean Bull Shit Certification that isn't recognized by any institution then sign up for this!  Try putting this on your resume and the institution reviewing it will do nothing more that wipe their ass with it.  The Certification costs $2,500.00!!! WHO THE FUCK WOULD BURN THEIR MONEY ON A CERTIFICATION WITH NO RECOGNITION!  Seriously who the fuck does he think he is with this certification?  Oh yeah $500 off for an early bird registration... psh!  Watch InfiniteElgintensity's video right where he basically puts this Bull Shit Certification where it belongs... Right Up CT's ASS!

Don't believe me?  Take a look for yourself! $2,500 for toilet paper? 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Moron Of The Month: John Matko DOESN'T EVEN LIFT

I'm sick of personal trainers that look like shit.  If you're going to practice what you preach then don't look like some fucking cancer patient or shamu!

He enforces a no deadlift policy yet has recordings at the gym which, from what I understand, has a no recording policy. He has videos posted of him recording at the same gym he works at.  Hypocritical idiot right here fellas:

watch his videos before he takes them down.  Amazing pull ups.  Try some squats, calf raises, bench pressing, and deadlifts why don't cha!

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Hodgetwins Have Big Plans With Affion Crockett

Photo Credit:

Seems that Lord Keith and Lord Kevin Hodge will be hitting the airwaves or big screen sometime soon.  It's about time that these guys hit hollywood!  It's a lot better having them give us laughs rather than fitness advice... well ... at lease now their advice has improved a ton since they cured their disease called broscience.

Jason Genova Claimed To Be GAY

Jason admits to doing gay porn

Now I'm beginning to understand the Sith Lord's infatuation with phallic light sabers... it all makes sense now!

Niatoos Calls Out Maxx Chewning

Friday, April 11, 2014

Local Business Rant Of THE YEAR: Pro Tax Solutions

Vince Garza Can't Get Lean! Was John Otis Hollywood Right?

You often see excuses like this come from obese people who can't lose weight.  Vince on the other hand wants to gain as much muscle as possible, but at the risk of becoming the next fat bastard?  Vince has a pretty high metabolism so I don't think it will go to that extreme, but the haters in his comment section strongly believe otherwise.  Chris Jones said himself that the best way to begin a bulk is when you reach around 8% bodyfat... Vince isn't quite near that, but I do believe that spending more time building a solid foundation of muscle is far more fruitful that trying to get ripped when you're not competing.  On the other hand bulking is always a great excuse when you want to give up on cutting.  What do you son of a bitches think?

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Well it's official, The Jason Genova thread is banned/closed/locked down/put to bed on's misc section.  Who's to blame for the Shit Lord's downfall? ... The jedi named Punicepts (A forum mod/admin obviously) shoved a light saber into the topic thread's ASS!  Watch the video as Janoy addresses this issue with clarity and poise.
-Poonychips = Punicepts
-Punicepts= Narrator = Moderator
-Punicepts is apparently a manlet unlike Jason
-Punicepts will never be as big as Jason
-Punicepts is a "retard"... unlike Jason.

*update May 5 2014*
 Punicepts gives Jason Genova the boot for the 2nd time!  Jason is known for terminating coathes ... well it's about time you get terminated from something aside from a proper diet!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Youtube Beef: TwinMuscleWorkout Vs Bios3training

I don't think Jerry was completely out of line when he made this video addressing youtube snobs.  I do understand that the Hodge Twins get tons and tons of e-mails and it's easy for them to overlook every goddamned message sent to their inboxes.  I'm assuming that if you have a direct line to them and a close friendship then your chances sure as hell beat an e-mail that get's tossed in with every hopeful youtube sensation.  Watch Jerry's video and the Hodge Twin's response