Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Jason Genova Commits FRAUD by SCAMMING Subscribers! Authorities Notified!

Jason Genova scams his subscribers by promoting a fake t-shirt sale.
Credit card info and money were taken from this event.
Authorities were notified.
here's the link to his instagram where all the bullshit went down.
Here's the video of Jason announcing the Scam/Clothing sale
(links you to the youtube video)
Here's Jason bringing the end to his clothing line
Here's Jason fishing for pity after he scammed his subscribers
In this video, Jason states that he doesn't care about scamming people
(skip to 1:08)

Jason Genova Admits To FRAUD!!!

All this info can be found on this instagram
Jason's FAKE apology video

Mike O'Hearn's Frog is a SCAM According To Jason Blaha

Here's the video uploaded by Jason Blaha that sparked the feud (remastered version)
Mike O'sca... O'Hearn Responds
Jason responds with satire (most young shits won't even get the reference)
Mike Responds AGAIN, but uses his BBC buddy to play the bad cop (links you to original youtube video)

Jason Explains the effort that Frog Fitness has put forth to try and shut him up.

Other youtubers share their thoughts on Mike O'Sc... O'Hearn's Frog
Luimarco (link to original youtube video)
Vegan Gains

Friday, February 5, 2016

Andrew Exposes Jason Genova as a FRAUD?!

sent from someone from the potato corner on the fitmisc

Jerry Ward Investigates Jason Blaha's CIA Record

Jason stated in this video (directed toward Simon of Massthetics #fucksimon) that people who investigate his past will be charged with espionage (skip to 0:36)

Jason Blaha VS Jerry Ward FIGHT!!!

Jerry Ward Calling Out Jason Blaha to Fight... right after he kisses his dog
 Here's Jason's response to people who sell out to supplements
Jason's response to his response video... geared towards Jerry Ward's response video
Jason Blaha (J.B) Responds (video was deleted, but here's the screen shot of it)
The Best Feud Commentary EVER!  Must Watch!!!