Thursday, October 25, 2012

Albertsons: mold MOLD MOLD EVERYWHERE!

Location:  543 Sweetwater Rd, Spring Valley, CA 91979

Went out to pick up some low-carb tortillas and my oh my this was what i found... Nope it's not guacamole flavored tortillas as one may assume.  It's MOLD flavor! and I believe it's hitting the shelves right now as the new hot commodity at this Albertsons.  How does one let it get this bad?  Really do you need to have your head so far up your ass as an employee there to not see this?  a few spots of mold... that's fine it may be hard to catch but this! omg it's absolutely disgusting! 

San Diego Cox Cable: Home of The Dumbest Service and Technicians

"I was having issues with my new cable box not having any picture and called to have it resolved and was not able to do so by phone.  I might add that the woman assisting me was kind and very patient so that is not the issue.  The issue is with the technician they sent over to our house help resolve the issue.  Well he was completely useless and didn't do anything fruitful to resolve the issue.  First he blamed my son that the splitter that was issue and insisted on changing it.  Well he changed it and there was NO difference.  Then he said it was due to faulty cable wires that ran through the house and that we needed to schedule another appointment to have them changed which would cost $30-$75... that seemed to be the only solution for him to have it resolved.  Instead of taking his faulty advice to be robbed for an extra $30-$75 we went to our local cox store and had the cable boxes swapped and the problem was completely resolved.  No changes in wiring, no changes in splitters, just the cable box.  I've been a loyal customer for over 20 years and if this is the way they treat long time subscribers then it's best to look for other services.  Hope They have him fired!  Might I add that the wiring cables go through out the attic and I believe that due to the fact that he was morbidly obese that he didn't want to prance around up there to check the problem thoroughly.  Instead he did the whole 'throw everything on the wall and see what sticks' method.  The only thing is he forgot to try a new cable box.  This company is ran by morons at best"  ~ A loyal customer for 20+ years

Alamo Inn Near Disneyland

Location: 1140 W Katella Ave. AnaheimCA 92802

Stayed here a few times and I have to say, you really get what you pay for.  This place is cheap an so is it's condition.  My most recent stay this month had a few issues.  The fire alarm in my room was broken and hanging by a wire from the ceiling, there was a missing lampshade on one of the lights, the lining in the bathtub was all messed up and the shower head was green and black which looked absolutely disgusting.  For the price you get a decent bed to sleep in, a fridge and microwave with an old school tube t.v and walking distance to the park.  The location is not that bad if you're looking to hit up Disneyland and is within driving distance to many stores.  The staff is polite, but a smile wouldn't hurt.  On a few occasions we were able to check in early.  Parking is free which is a plus.  There's a decent pool outside and at night it's somewhat quiet.  Wifi Sucks Balls so just go near a Starbucks or something!  Do not get a room near the stairs... loud noses go bump in the night.

Buffalo Wild Wings? How about... NO


Location: 8301B On the Mall, Buena ParkCA 90620
Rating: 1/10

The 1/10 goes to the food and lets say the food has nothing to do with the service.  The service at this place is absolutely horrible.  This by far has to be at the top 3 worst service spots in the world (and I've been to 25+ countries).  Our fries took 1 hour to come out and was supposedly put in as an appetizer.  We finished our first cups of drinks and it took about 45 minutes to get a refill.  Our order of chips and salsa... 25 minutes to come out... don't worry BWW we know how hard it is to make a batch of chips and salsa... I mean this is the worst spot ever.  Hopefully the other BWW aren't as bad as this one.  If you're used to being treated like trash and walked all over... perhaps due to your abusive relationships then this place will make you feel right at home.  I should have left a 50 cent tip... just enough for those servers to buy themselves some class.