Thursday, October 31, 2013

Youtube Beef: Physiques of Greatness Vs Jason Blaha?

Chris Jones and Vince Garza of P.O.G gave their view on full body workouts in a previous video where they stated that it wouldn't yield impressive results.   Jason Blaha of Juggernaut fitness tv disagrees wholeheartedly with this idea and stated that whoever believes full body workouts to be ineffective are OUT OF THEIR MINDS.  Watch the P.O.G video first and judge for yourself if Jason Blaha is directly responding to them or not.  You be the judge!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

CHEATER CAUGHT!!! Omarisuf 500lb Deadlift Challenge

Omarisuf announced a 500lb deadlift challenge to everyone out there in youtube-land... many accepted and few were able to even get the weight off the ground.  This fella who goes by the name "Carlos raw Gonzales"  gets put on blast for trying to cheat his way through the challenge.  He was so embarrassed that he ended-up closing his youtube channel!  In other words he dumped all of his videos in the toilet.  He basically tried to fool the youtube audience by failing to create the illusion of trying to make 2.5KG plates as 25KG!!! BUSTEDDDDDDD!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Elliott Hulse Almost Cuts His Pinky OFF! *GRAPHIC*

In this video Elliott Hulse gets unchained and goes off on corporate slave owners.  Meanwhile 9minutes and 50seconds into the video Elliott forgets something important and nearly slices of his pinky.  Cuts right to the bone with this video!  check it out!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

CT fletcher & Mike Rashid Frauds?

Here is the link to the youtube video that puts CT fletcher and Mike Rashid's credibility into question:

There are posts going around the bodybulding community along with youtube videos that suggests that CT Fletcher and Mike Rashid are frauds. Apparenly Rashid's real name is Cinque Glendy and is currently in jail for 30 days.  The issue is related to a scheme that allowed them to collect a great deal of money.  The information has not yet been confirmed.  To read more visit the thread here 

Friday, October 18, 2013

CT Fletcher Fights With Frank Yang?!

Apparently CT Fletcher isn't too happy with the new video (click the picture to watch the video on youtube) Frank Yang uploaded.  From what it looks like, CT may not have known the context of the video and felt that his image could be tainted by it.  Watch the video and judge for yourself!

Video: Goku Vs Superman Goku Wins!

Part 1
Part 2

Tons of DBZ fans got their panties up in a bunch when Superman killed the dumb version of goku.  In this amazing flipbook animation, with audio included, Super Saiyan God Goku Kicks the living shit out of superman!  Watch and enjoy!

Icecreamfitness Shuts Down! Is Layne To Blame?

This really isn't new to any of you if you've been keeping up with the lawsuit between Layne Norton and Jason Blaha. Jason mentioned in the past that he may have to close down the icecreamfitness llc for reasons related to the lawsuit.  Is there any other reason why Jason would close down his channel?  Other than the obvious... nope.  His backup channel he made in the past will be his main channel as of now under the name of juggernautfitness.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Eric Kanevsky Vs Jason Blaha

Jason's video that started it all
Kanevsky's reponse to Jason accusing him of calling the Russian "natty
Kanevsky's Final Warning to Jason

Eric Kanevsky polishes his WWE skills on these recent call out videos geared toward Jason Blaha of Icecreamfitness.  The funny part is that some of these youtube fans or should I say... morons, are taking this joke seriously.  It's all meant to share views and mainly for entertaining fans, but some are too dense to get that. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Beef Between Chris Jones and Twinmuscleworkout?

Chris Jones of Physiques of Greatness has called out Twinmuscleworkout a.k.a Hodgetwins in the past for not working out with "nig... Black People" as CJ would put it.  If you watch most of the Twin's workout videos you'll see that there is more truth to what Chris Jones has been saying.  Watch the videos from both parties and judge for yourself

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Marc Lobliner & Massive Joes Called Out By Luimarco

In the tigerfitness video, Marc Lobliner goes bro to entertain his guests and sells out for the sake of entertaining conversation.  He proclaims that Intermittent Fasting can cause eating disorders... as if eating 6 small meals a day isn't an eating order in itself.  This is a horrible video that lacks emperical evidence and puts anecdotal evidence on a pedestal.  All respect for Tigerfitness has gone down the drain with this one.  One more thing... of course IFBB pros don't follow I.F... it's not like they're taking any kind of over the counter illegal substances in the first place to manipulate their physique beyond normal human measures.

Luimarco puts these morons in their place.  I'm actually amazed that Luimarco made this stance on the issue.  Watch the video!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Luimarco Gets Burned and Measures His Toothpick Arms

"The rope is tight" ... LOL

In this video he tries his best to get away with 17" Arms... Nice try Lui.  We can see that you're keeping the slack on the rope so that your viewers don't give it to you.  Admit you're rocking 16's... Inb4 "lui measured his arms with a bungee chord"


Luimarco ... let's not talk about what you need to do with your forearms buddy.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Elliott Hulse "Steroids" By ABC World News

ABC was covering a story on Steroids and shared a clip of Elliott Hulse of Strength Camp.  They took his quote, "steroids work like magic" out of context.  Watch and judge for yourself!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Chris Jones Sells Out and Leaves Vince G Behind

This past week's olympia, Chris Jones, sponsored by iSatori, was flown out solo leaving his P.O.G partner Vince Garza behind.  Vince wasn't granted a free flight and lodging and had to pay for himself and his girlfriend to show up at the 2013 Olympia.  They always say that friendship lasts forever until money is involved.  Chris Jones made that clear!