Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Logan Paul Suicide Forest Full Video!

Since deleted from youtube, other sources have found the Suicide Video form Logan Paul.  Here it is! Warning it's graphic!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

TJ Hunt Screws Over Smurfinwrx

It seems that Mike aka Smurfinwrx isn't the only one with questionable feelings about TJ Hunt.  Watch the videos below to see the srama unfold.  The convo between Mike and Jayztwocents can be found on their twitter.

This comment was left on Mike's youtube video:

 Video: Mike exposes tj hunt

Video: TJ Hunt responds

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Jason Blaha BOOTED from TV show!

This fraud along with his female girlfriend were kicked off an up and coming TV show called Tommy's Garage.  The creators of the show found out about Blaha's fake mercenary and stolen valor past.  The fellas at the fitmisc did some digging and destroyed Blahino's hopes and dreams of becoming a national celery.

Here's the link to the video of The Great Blahino and his feeeemale girlfriend getting the boot!


* update* As of Thursday August 24th.  It is official that Rich Piana has passed on.  Rip Rich!

In these fake reports where he was reported dead, Rich was still alive despite what other retarded youtubers has said (durian dick rider, jason bloho, and luimarco).  He was indeed hospitalized for partying hard, but was still alive.  Watch this video by Shadowman/ natty lifter/ snap city as well as other youtubers in regards to this tragic topic.

 Fake news of Rich Died by yootoob celerys
 Image result for rich piana
Update on youtubers sending fake news

Greg Valentino on Rich Piana update
Another Rich Piana Update