Monday, January 27, 2014

Featured Fitness Youtuber: Maxx Chewning "The Sleeper Troll"

So what the hell is a sleeper?  In the automotive world it's a car that doesn't look like much, but has a beast under the hood that could leave a Lamborghini with shit stains and tire streaks in it's underwear.  That's exactly what Chewning is!  I guarantee, aside from the fact that he's pretty lean, that most people would underestimate him as soon as he steps into the gym because of his skinny frame.  Then all of a sudden the meat heads, that were once skeptical at this skinny fella stepping up to 500lbs on a bar that pulled reps on the deadlift, are now claiming to be doing deloads in the gym when it's really a max effort day.

For a youtube troll, he's pretty strong for his size and would be an amazing friend to bring to a gym and scam money off of unawares in deadlift challenges.  I've been subscribed to him for a few months now and found his videos to been quite entertaining... aside from his obsession with nick wright.  Therage191 would disagree, but that's the rage speaking.  Check out his youtube, become his friend and watch your comment section get trolled once he friends you. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Chris Jones VS Layne Norton

Moronic post of THE CENTURY?: Alexia Kousnetz

Then after everyone called her out on her bullshit generalized post, she posts this as a response:

Jason Genova Gets Dropped By New Coach?

Not quite, but his new coach Adam Harper was pretty damn close in doing so.  I honestly think he should take notes from PJ and Aaron and drop Jason Genova.  In this video Adam goes ape shit on Jason Genova for getting caught cheating on his diet... wow... what a surprise.  These issues could very easily be fitted into one's macro's, but that isn't the issue.  It's fitting it into Jason's common sense that's making this all a problem.  Is it true that Jason is trolling the fitness community into thinking that he's a serious bodybuilder or is he all about the subscribers and fame on youtube? 

Monday, January 20, 2014

John Otis Hollywood Calls Physiques of Greatness "POTATOES"

John Otis Hollywood has tried and tried again in the past to work with both Vince and Chris of Physiques of Greatness, but has never been able to really get anywhere with either of them.  In a past video Vince wasn't too sure about having Hollywood as a coach and was thinking of dropping him (currently not sure if he did or not).  Chris was also going through the same issues during his 2012-2013 contest prep when he decided to call out Matt Ogus for a showdown at the Muscle Mayhem... which he ended up quitting.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Another Youtuber Drops Their "I'll Pump You Up Sponsorship"

Finally! The UK Judge Issues Injunction Against Jason Blaha
To Read The Article From Dr. Layne Norton Click The Banner Or The Link:

Ever wondered why Jason Blaha closed his icecreamfitness account?  Or why layne Norton hates his guts?  For those unaware Jason's controversial "fake natty" videos were the cause of this entire uproar.  The videos have been taken down some time ago, but the results of the lawsuit are just coming out.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Big J's Extreme Fitness Calls Chris Jones a, "Shady Brother" According to Low Carb Cory


Big J's Subliminal Diss of Ian McCarthy & Why I Never Went to Intensityville

According to Low Carb Cory Big J is all about money and doesn't give a shit about really helping people! Watch the video and well...   You be the judge!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Kalimuscle Fake Weights Exposed?!

At the top video you can see Kalimuscle curling "275lbs" as if it was it were a walk in the park, but in the bottom video featuring Big J and Furious Pete you'll notice that he's struggling with 225lbs for 3 reps.  Without being there to actually test it we cannot confirm that the weights are indeed real or fake.  275lb curl bullshit or legit? Has Kali actually made more gains to allow him to curl more weight within this time frame? Watch the damn videos and decide for yourself!