Saturday, August 31, 2013

FAIL: Kalimuscle Juice Confession

On the juice or not, we'll never know unless someone out there proves it.  In this video Kali trolls his viewers by juicing fruit.  No he didn't juice any grapefruit...

Friday, August 30, 2013

Bios3training Issues Challenge To Jason Genova

This time Bios3training calls out Jason Genova on his bullshit.  Jason Genova is known for stepping on the bodybuilding stage nowhere near conditioned.  Last competition he looked 14 weeks out yet stood on stage to compete.  Bios3training issued this challenge to give Jason Genova the chance to prove him wrong, and to come on stage completely shredded within 7 weeks.  At over 20% bodyfat, I highly doubt Jason Genova will come anywhere near shredded.  From the looks of it what Bios3training has been preaching about this Jason Genova kid is true.  Maybe he isn't a serious bodybuilder... maybe he's just avid fan that admires the sport, but doesn't have the BALLS to compete in it.  I'm sure Jason's coaches are doing their best to try and get Jason into shape, but it's Jason's failure to execute any of it.

Youtube Beef: The Rage191 Vs Bios3Training

 Bios3trainings Video
The rage191 goes off on Bios3training for calling Jason Genova out.  Funny thing is that Therage191 makes Jason Genova look worse by calling him more names that Bios3training ever did.  In fact Bios3training defended Jason Genova when other people called him autistic etc...  Watch the Bios3training video first and see therage191's response.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Vince Delmonte's Youtube Channel Is Suspended!

NEED I SAY MORE?  Vince has been under great scrutiny the past few weeks due to his recent broscience posts.  One in particular was that carbohydrates was the only exception to breaking the law of thermodynamics due to it's effects on hormone release.  Genius... Never go full retard!

As of today, Sept. 3 2013.  It seems that Vinny's channel was first cleared of all strikes then bammmm... suspended again.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Layne Norton Put On Blast By Natty Or Enhanced and Others On YOUTUBE!!!

The good doctor Layne Norton has been under some scrutiny for the past few months in regards to accusations of taking steroids.  This is the newest video to call out Dr. Norton which suggest that he may or may not be on some kind of gear, specifically Trenbolone.   Watch the video and judge for yourself

This is another video that calls out Dr. Norton on Steroid use.  This video is credited to the youtube channel: Johnny Afi.

Youtube Beef: Bios3training Vs Jason Genova

Bios3training's video

Bios3training hits every point about Jason Genova DEAD ON!  He covers everything from the lack of structure and dedication to the diet that Jason lacks as well as the issue on how Jason only cares about fans and fame.  Jason then responds in his newest video saying that it isn't about being famous and that he's passionate about his "fans"... Nice Jason... Nice one!  Watch Bios3training's video first then jump over to the sicken sith lords to see his response.


Monday, August 26, 2013

Friday, August 23, 2013

Luimarco Calls Kalimuscle Out On Steroid Use! Kalimuscle Claims To Be Natural

Luimarco responds aggressively to Kalimuscle's claim that he made in his shoutout video to CT Fletcher saying that, "Ain't NO drugs up in me!" (see 2nd video at the 5:35 mark).  Kalimuscle is basically claiming to be natural and Luimarco is calling him out on his bullshit.  Kali claimed to have been lifting since he was 19 while Lui claimed to have started earlier yet doesn't look anything close to what he presents.  Watch both videos and watch Luimarco rip Kalimuscle a new one! 

Fast forward to the 5:35mark to watch Kalimuscle officially claim to be natural

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lyle McDonald Calls Out Icecreamfitness: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!

Jason's Initial Video

Jason's Response To Lyle

A wild Lyle appears and calls out Jason Blaha of Icecreamfitness to cite research on his claims of permanent hormonal derangement as a result of extreme dieting.  As a Result, Jason concedes his claims in a later video.

CT Fletcher Finally Called Out On Steroid Use!


CT Fletcher issued a challenge for people to prove whether or not he's on steroids.  Leroy Colbert, the first man to achieve 21inch arms, calls out CT Fletcher!  Watch this video and decide for yourself

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Luimarco Offically Calls Out Matt Ogus On Steroid Use

Luimarco, alongside bios3training and Jason Blaha of Icecreamfitness, are well known for calling out fake natural bodybuilders.  In this video Luimarco officially calls Matt "flexforall2" Ogus out on being a hypocritical steroid user (fast forward to the 3:17 mark).  He makes it clear that he hates Matt Ogus.  Luimarco believes that Matt is being hypocritical and dishonest to his fanbase on how to obtain desired physical results without the use of steroids.  Watch and Judge for yourself!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Frank Yang Is Now Being Coached By John Otis Hollywood!

John Otis Hollywood a.k.a The Pro Architect is now coaching Youtube's Mind Fucking Agent, Frank Yang... But for what?  Is frank planning to compete or is he working on a new piece of art?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Chris Jones of P.O.G Stirs Up Drama at The Brothers in Iron 2 w/ Ronnie Coleman

In this video you see Chris Jones bitch and whine about people standing around in what looks to be a, "watch Ronnie workout" session as opposed to a collaborative, "work out together" routine.  He cries and moans about how he's not someone who stands around like a fan boy and doesn't want to just stand there and get in the way of Ronnie while he works out.  Turns out that what Chris was saying is pure BULLSHIT!  Potatoes will Potate!  As you can see in this video from, There isn't anyone crowding around Ronnie Coleman!  Marc Lobliner, and Big J are getting their workouts in and sweating their balls off.  If anything Ronnie Coleman is the one sitting around watching other people workout while he waits to get in his set.  From what it looks like, Chris Jones didn't get any ass kissing or attention from the great Ronnie Coleman and was treated like an equal.  If it's not ass kissing the Chris Jones doesn't want any part of it! 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Police Corruption Caught By Their Own Dash Camera

May 19, 2013 Malheur County Sheriff’s Deputies in Orgeon were caught red handed in their own corruption by none other than their own dash camera. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Gym Apparel That Makes Sense: Broscience Depot


Nowadays you see tons of youtubers and entertainers forcing their Brand Name Gym Apparel on you when you go out to exercise.  No one will give 2 fucks about that big L on your shirt... a lot won't even know what the fuck it means!  Since it's considered rude to correct people on their form in the gym, why not wear a shirt that says "ass to grass, parallel or it doesn't count" and stand right next to the fucker that's doing quarter squats.  Even better, wear a shirt that says Douchebags curl in the squat rack and walk up to him and ask, "how many curls do you have left.".  Subtle GTFO's are the way to go nowadays.  No one gives a damn about some shirt spewing aesthetics!  Wear something that everyone can understand. 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Luimarco Contradicts Himself On The Rob Riches Banned Substance Accusation

Here's luimarco's take on the Rob Riches Incident
 @2:10 he questions Rob Riches on why is he taking crazed instead of his own product and playing the "hypocrite game"

After he got word from Marc Lobliner about the test results on craze he changes his tune in this video.

Luimarco, the forearms of youtube, contradicts himself on the daily.  It shows that this guy shoots from the mouth first before doing any type of research.  Here he questioned Rob Riches on why he would be taking a competitors pre-workout when he sells his own!  Then he goes on in a new video talking about how products are actually dusted with steroids.  This comes to show that you should be weary about the information that he gives out.

CTFletcher Looks Concerned for Kalimuscle and Frank Yang

Youtube's superman CT Fletcher doesn't know what the hell is going on in this video.  His face is plastered with a "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE!!!" expression on his face.  Frank Yang is known for his bizarre, artistic and disturbing videos.  Kalimuscle on the other hand has been recently accused for Gay 4 Pay which in turn has landed him a role in the upcoming movie Magic Mic 2.  In all honesty who gives a shit about sequels?  This one looks like it'll go straight to dvd under the genre of "who gives a shit".  Even youtube's superman can't save these two from each other... and from themselves!