Saturday, August 3, 2013

Luimarco Contradicts Himself On The Rob Riches Banned Substance Accusation

Here's luimarco's take on the Rob Riches Incident
 @2:10 he questions Rob Riches on why is he taking crazed instead of his own product and playing the "hypocrite game"

After he got word from Marc Lobliner about the test results on craze he changes his tune in this video.

Luimarco, the forearms of youtube, contradicts himself on the daily.  It shows that this guy shoots from the mouth first before doing any type of research.  Here he questioned Rob Riches on why he would be taking a competitors pre-workout when he sells his own!  Then he goes on in a new video talking about how products are actually dusted with steroids.  This comes to show that you should be weary about the information that he gives out.

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