Saturday, October 19, 2013

CT fletcher & Mike Rashid Frauds?

Here is the link to the youtube video that puts CT fletcher and Mike Rashid's credibility into question:

There are posts going around the bodybulding community along with youtube videos that suggests that CT Fletcher and Mike Rashid are frauds. Apparenly Rashid's real name is Cinque Glendy and is currently in jail for 30 days.  The issue is related to a scheme that allowed them to collect a great deal of money.  The information has not yet been confirmed.  To read more visit the thread here 


  1. Personally I think both of these men are clean, so much so that they have and will continue to inspire me to keep fit and healthy. I recently posted an article on why I find these people inspirational, so maybe you should check it out and see if it will change your view of them.

  2. he is a fraud because that isn't his real name? wtf