Friday, April 11, 2014

Vince Garza Can't Get Lean! Was John Otis Hollywood Right?

You often see excuses like this come from obese people who can't lose weight.  Vince on the other hand wants to gain as much muscle as possible, but at the risk of becoming the next fat bastard?  Vince has a pretty high metabolism so I don't think it will go to that extreme, but the haters in his comment section strongly believe otherwise.  Chris Jones said himself that the best way to begin a bulk is when you reach around 8% bodyfat... Vince isn't quite near that, but I do believe that spending more time building a solid foundation of muscle is far more fruitful that trying to get ripped when you're not competing.  On the other hand bulking is always a great excuse when you want to give up on cutting.  What do you son of a bitches think?

1 comment:

  1. Until he really WANTS to get lean he won't so he needs to stop telling people that he is cutting when deep down he knows he really does not want too