Thursday, February 13, 2014

Low Carb Cory Stirs Up Shit and Gets Owned

Chelsea's Video On Bad Advice
A 30 year old's butt hurt response... he even posts a picture of a tombstone to make it dramatic.

Low carb cory is well known for going full potato when it comes to putting out videos.  He believes all types of publicity is good publicity.  I guess its good to be known as the guy who records his shit in a toilet, loves eating "CHOCALATE," who thought the world was going to end and has meltdowns more often than Jason Genova flexes.  He's also notorious for deleting his videos after he makes a fool out of himself.  A great example is his video calling out big j's extemefitness.  Read my past post on it.  Now he's trying to shove words down Chelsea of Chelsealifts mouth and defame her.  All for the sake of views.  If the YouTube fitness community ever needed a Jester to laugh at... I think we already know who would take the cake.

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