Friday, November 15, 2013

Jason Blaha ATTACKED by CEO of Scivation, Primaforce and

Jason's Take on Green Shakes and Micro-nutrient Intake
Jason's Response to Mike McCandless Publicly Attacking Him


The No Bullshit Bodybuilding page shared a video posted by Jason Blaha in regards to a controversial "green shake." Supplement companies promote this "green shake" as an alternative to REAL food in obtaining essential micro-nutrients.  Jason Blaha disagreed openly in one of his videos which apparently rustled some Jimmy's ... including that of Scivation owner Mike Mccandless.  Watch the initial video by Jason entitled, "Nick Wright Green Shake To Replace Fruits & Vegetables"   that started the first knot in the panties of supplement owners. Also check out the 2nd video to see his response to Mccandless.

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