Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nick Wright Calls Out "I'll Pump You Up" Sponsored Channels


Nick Wright of NWB subtly calls out all youtube channels sponsored by illpumpyouup.com "chump change motha fuckas"... what does that mean?  It means they sell out for chump change.  Nick doesn't out right say the name of the company, but uses obvious and not so clever rhymes that even his numerically challenged buddy, C.E.O of his own sponsor company that rhymes with Are Tee Enn, can understand.  I'm sure if his so called "friends" bring it up about their sponsor he might revert to the good ole scapegoat of "Oh I wasn't talking about you" or something in that realm of cowardice.  Maybe he might man up and admit he was talking about them straight to their face and not sell out to shame or embarrassment.

So are these channels selling out?  It depends on what you feel like your worth is!  You can save a ton of money like Nick did on supplements and never spend a dime on whey protein and supplements... or you can market yourself and pay out of your own pocket keeping your integrity in check and your wallet empty.

List of channels sponsored by Illpumpuup.com
-Andrea Valdez
-Maxx Chewning
-Matty Fusaro
-Chelsea Lifts
-Kenny Gonzales
... some others I can't remember off the top of my head

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