Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Youtube Beef: Jason Blaha Calls Bullshit on Marc Lobliner?

Marc Lobliner's video on amino spiking
Jason Blaha's Video on amino spiking nonsense to sell over priced "garbage"
Marc Lobliner's Response To Jas... I mean "youtubers" on the amino spiking issue
 Vann Brah's Video Putting These Two On Blast!
*update June 8 11:41pm pst* these two are trying their best to avoid the elephant in the room *update June 8 11:41pm pst*

These two have a knack for throwing jabs at each other and then denying the direction it was thrown... as if we're really that fucking stupid!  Lobliner releases a video about Body-fortress being sued for amino spiking and that he was the FIRST to call out companies for doing this.  Blaha then releases a video saying that amino spiking nonsense is being used to sell overpriced garbage...

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