Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Jason Blaha Exposes Isatori's BioGro!

 Blaha is at it again!  This time he targets iSatori's Bio-Gro, a product Marc Lobliner, P.O.G. and Nick Wright NWB has popularized.  Supposedly all of those who took this product cashed in their "natty" card.  Youtubers Nick Wright, Chris Jones, Maxx Chewning, Vince Garza, Vann Brah and a few others have been documented taking this product which supposedly contains banned substances.
  Click the pic to see the video.
 Chris Jones shares his thoughts on bio-gro
Marc Lobliner's response
 Jerry Ward's (bios3training) response
Luimarco's response

Nick Wright Responds

^Candito's response to Marc Lobliner^


Here are a few responses from Marc Lobliner, Including an offensive e-mail sent to him all because of bio-gro...smh

Screenshots Jason Blaha posted to support his accusations

Here is a screen shot from the iSatori's website from the FAQ section on bio-gro

Here's the link to iSatori's bio-gro FAQ: http://www.isatori.com/Bio-Gro-P1.aspx

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