Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Durianriders Vs Justin Bieber... Looks equal to me!

Youtube's Hippy Green Goblin Durianriders is at it again.  This time he claims that viewers are asking him how he got that tricep shelf under his arm and continuously boasts about his lean-ness.  Taking a look between these two pictures (durianriders on the left and Justin Bieber on the right) it look like Bieber is more than man enough to take him on.  Durianriders is one to put his physique on the epitome of human aesthetics boasting that other YT guru's have fake or fluffed muscles due to the use of whey protein, stimulants, creatine and other supposed "muscle enhancers".  In a previous video he brags about his strength to weight ratio where he struggles benching his own bodyweight and failing horribly at 6 reps.  Then we look at other videos from beastbodybuilding and flexforall2 where they bench 1.5x their weight and going to 8 reps or more!  Speaking of beastbodybuilding, he did 11 reps while in a caloric deficit 1 week before competition.  That's one big STFU to durianriders.  I 

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