Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Beef Between Vince Garza and Chris Jones of P.O.G?

Chris Jones of Physiques of Greatness has mentioned several times in the past that he has been running the p.o.g channel on his own for the past couple of years.  In this recent post by Vince it seems that the two are not in close communication with eachother when it comes to their business.  Fans out there are more than curious about what is going on between the two members of P.O.G.

I find it odd that Vince labels himself as  the CEO and Founder of Physiques of Greatness when Chris Jones repeatedly stated that he's running everything for the past couple of years.  Vince doesn't even consider himself a CO-founder and takes sole responsibility for the establishment for the channel.  Dick riders out there will say "if it wasn't for Vince introducing him to youtube then Chris Jones wouldn't be where he is"... Mother fuckers that's like saying if it weren't for an orphan's dead beat mom he wouldn't have become a success story. 

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