Sunday, February 1, 2015

May 2nd: Mayweather Vs Pacquiao?

"While they continue to lie about making the fight... I'm just going to continue to travel and explore the world on my private jet. #FightNotMadeYet #Jamaica." ~Mayweather
This post was made by Mayweather on his shots account not too long ago

“Floyd Mayweather has agreed to the fight, but there are deal points still to work out but progress is being made,”  Chris DeBlasio (Showtime Spokesperson)

 They've meet at a b-ball game, hotel, but never a boxing ring.  It's highly more likely to have these two dish it out 1 on 1 on a b-ball court rather than the square area.  These two are getting old... by the time they do decide to make a deal they'll be fight over social security checks.
May 2 in Las Vegas looks like another ducked deal to me.  He does chicken right and also serves duck. On another note, why not go out with an undefeated record? 

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