Sunday, July 21, 2013

Scooby1961 Leaves Youtube and All Social Media Due To 4chan Doxing

From the looks of it Scooby1961's life has been threatened in a way due to 4chan doxing that has lead him to leave Youtube as well as other social media outlets.  

Doxing as defined by the Urban Dictionary is a technique of tracing someone or gather information about an individual using sources on the internet. It's name is derived from “Documents” or “Docx”. Doxing method is based purely on the ability of the hacker to recognize valuable information about his target and use this information to his benefit. It is also based around the idea that, “The more you know about your target, the easier it will be to find his or her flaws”

Scooby's Farewell Video
Frank Yang's Tribute To scooby
Jason Blaha's Farewell to Scooby

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