Saturday, December 7, 2013

Featured Fitness Youtuber: Haiyen Do (CrazyAsianChik)

     You requested it and here it is! Now STFU and stop spamming me!  Here I'll spotlight new and upcoming youtube channels that haven't gone snobby and hollywood yet.  Hopefully this can be a catalyst to that!  Here's the first featured youtuber who goes by the name Crazyasianchik on youtube.  She's the older sister of Tony Do a.k.a tdo a.k.a pureaesthetics93, a current team3dmj athlete.  So why did I choose her first?  It was a toss up between her, chelsealifts and barbellafitness.  Chelsea gets enough shout-outs from bigger channels already and barbellafitness is also steadily gaining momentum.  Oh and it also was simply because there's too much penis in the youtube scene right now I figured that females needed to be recognized as well.  I read a study which revealed that there was far too many pancake asses at the gym, manufactured by treadmills and elipticals, and I thought that these females could lead the movement on educating females to squat, deadlift, and track macros.
     Aside from all the bullshit here's Haiyen Do,  I was linked to her channel by someone who follows the blog and found that she's actually... badass.  She's a fitness competitor that's also a gamer.  If you though all female gamers were fat, acne blessed and ate hot pockets all day... well you were wrong.  For you geeks out there check out youtube's fitness version of olivia munn.