Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Juice Cleansing Idiots

For some odd reason it's the morbidly obese individuals that come up with the most idiotic ways to lose weight.  For example the infamous "juice cleanse."  Do they really fail to understand the true nature of the liver and believe, without properly researching, that juice cleanses will magically make them detoxified and skinnier?  People like Shay Carl of Shayloss on youtube as well as Jumoke of Jumoketvfitness are advocates of these juice cleanses. Can one seriously believe that a juice cleanse defies the laws of thermodynamics?  Do you also believe that you can substitute the role of what your liver was meant to do with simple juices?  If so please share and of course don't forget to link us to your references.  Inb4 "It boosts your metabolism, but I can't really explain the mechanism behind it without citing some non-peer reviewed broscience resource"

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