Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Simon of Massthetics Calls Out Jason Blaha

Jason Blaha Responds
Here's a video of an Ex Navy Seal and his thoughts on "classified" information when looking up military operatives (Blaha was never in the military, but this link someone sent me was pretty funny)


  1. Dude, thanks for your blog. You don't go out of your war to try and post things on here, you just post when something worth mentioning happens. Plus, every time you post you are very informative and to the point. Please keep up with this, as shit is surely to go down with the LA Fit Expo and other things coming up this Winter, and with the constant stupidity of people on the Youtubes.

  2. lol .. Not to brag or anything, but I knew Jason blalala was a fucking phony from day one! I can't stand his type.. All wise-ass and superficial in the same time.

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