Sunday, June 19, 2016

Jason Blaha DID Threaten To Kill Layne Norton's Family?

Jason made the claim that he did not threaten Layne's family.  He stated that it was the work of a fake/troll account that made the threat and not himself.  Take a look
Here's the video where he claims that a troll was the mastermind behind the threats
Here's another video of Layne admitting to actively promoting videos to expose Jason Blaha.

Jason Blaha Incriminates Himself? False Copyright Claims?

All I can say is watch these videos and judge for yourself.  Jason Blaha and the evidence against him is pretty crazy.  Jason hasn't made any videos or statements as of yet nor has he presented any counter evidence.  Stay tuned

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Jason Blaha Shuts Down Exposedtv

According to Jason Blaha, ExposedTV used illegal methoda to obtain informated that was presented on his videos.  Jason explains in detail:

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Jason Blaha EXPOSED as a FAKE?!

 Jason Blaha's father exposes his son as a Laborer NOT a Mercenary. If his son were a mercenary would he even be able to rat him out that easily?
In addition to that his former landlord clarifies the reason why they left their old apartment complex.
(The channel EXPOSEDTV is now down due to actions taken by Jason blaha)
Here's a link to the long thread of Blaha haters going HAM on exposing him