Friday, April 11, 2014

Local Business Rant Of THE YEAR: Pro Tax Solutions

Vince Garza Can't Get Lean! Was John Otis Hollywood Right?

You often see excuses like this come from obese people who can't lose weight.  Vince on the other hand wants to gain as much muscle as possible, but at the risk of becoming the next fat bastard?  Vince has a pretty high metabolism so I don't think it will go to that extreme, but the haters in his comment section strongly believe otherwise.  Chris Jones said himself that the best way to begin a bulk is when you reach around 8% bodyfat... Vince isn't quite near that, but I do believe that spending more time building a solid foundation of muscle is far more fruitful that trying to get ripped when you're not competing.  On the other hand bulking is always a great excuse when you want to give up on cutting.  What do you son of a bitches think?

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Well it's official, The Jason Genova thread is banned/closed/locked down/put to bed on's misc section.  Who's to blame for the Shit Lord's downfall? ... The jedi named Punicepts (A forum mod/admin obviously) shoved a light saber into the topic thread's ASS!  Watch the video as Janoy addresses this issue with clarity and poise.
-Poonychips = Punicepts
-Punicepts= Narrator = Moderator
-Punicepts is apparently a manlet unlike Jason
-Punicepts will never be as big as Jason
-Punicepts is a "retard"... unlike Jason.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Youtube Beef: TwinMuscleWorkout Vs Bios3training

I don't think Jerry was completely out of line when he made this video addressing youtube snobs.  I do understand that the Hodge Twins get tons and tons of e-mails and it's easy for them to overlook every goddamned message sent to their inboxes.  I'm assuming that if you have a direct line to them and a close friendship then your chances sure as hell beat an e-mail that get's tossed in with every hopeful youtube sensation.  Watch Jerry's video and the Hodge Twin's response

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Another dumb broad running her mouth. She claims that her friends hacked her twitter and posted this bullshit remark.  Some people weren't buying it and even stated that her previous posts contained similar distasteful content.  Choke one a chode!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Jeff Seid Gets Put On Blast By Fellow Youtubers

Jeff Seid posted this video and stirred up a shit storm among the youtube fitness community.  Among them Chris Lavado, co-founder of Legends of Aesthetics and "homie" of Seid.  Both shared a booth at the Bodyfit Expo with Gym Shark... but unfortunately do not share the same views when it comes to nutrition.  There's video on the flexforall2 channel where Chris Lavado preaches to the audience about the importance of hitting macros.  Needless to say Jeff Seid posted this recent video which preaches the complete opposite of what his buddy Chris Lavado and the Legends of Aesthetics attested to at the Expo.

*The video has recently been put on private... maybe because of the impending shit storm?*
Beware of the broscience!

Ian McCarthy points out the flaws in this video.
Shredded Food Pyramid Video plus commentary on Jeff's Broscience

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bios3training EXPOSES Chase Smith

Chase Smith (claimed to be part of Team Norton... but apparently Layne Norton denies this claim).

Former youtuber Chase Smith Fitness is exposed by Jerry Ward of Bios3training as a fraud!  huh... fraud?  Chase supposedly claimed to be part of Layne Norton's team in which he has said to have access to some secret shit ... and by shit I mean information that only members of Team Norton had access to.  CHASE isn't even his real name!   He took his channel down and sent an apology to Jerry prior to his self termination.  Watch the video by Jerry Ward and Olympus Iron for the full story.