Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Feud Update! Just Kidding Films Vs Olivia Thai CONCLUSION

Here's what I'm getting so far.  If there were a defamation and slander case against Olivia then she would have gotten her ass handed to her, but she didn't. Settlement was reached between both parties 1 month after the fiasco.  Olivia was not slapped with a gag order and still claims that 100% of the information that she presented is true.  Olivia released the video on her own advice and free will.  She was not advised from her sister, a corporate lawyer, to do it.  Sources reveal that Olivia was not in speaking terms with here sister, due to personal issues,  up until the time that this became a potential legal issue.  Members of Just Kidding films knew that Olivia was not in speaking terms with her sister, but still tried to use her as a crutch to prove their point of innocence by stating, "Her sister is a lawyer, why didn't she sue us within the last 70 weeks?".  After Olivia made the public statement, Joe and Bart Tried to steer the focus on Olivia trying to get revenge against her Ex-boyfriend Joe... when the dates revealed that it was not true and Joe openly admitted that Olivia did not cheat on her, they then tried the good ole "BOMBED A PERFORMANCE" route.   Meanwhile avoiding the most important issue of Not Paying their interns Bart and Joe stated that she was in fact an employee and fired her.  Meaning that if she was an employee she would be subject to minimum wage compensation or if she was an intern she would still have to be monetarily compensated.  That wasn't the case.  JKfilms did not have an internship contract drafted and signed by both parties.  When she was fired from the company she was issued a 1099 tax form and labeled as an independent contractor.  As you can see in the video below (day in the life of Olivia) you can share the confusion with me *note: Jkfilms made the video private*.  What kind of independent contractor does that kind of work for a company? People close to Just Kidding films know of Bart's history with gangs, gang members and guns.  This can be very intimidating to those who wish to speak out about what really went on behind the scenes.  Bart clearly stated his involvement in these videos:

With that said, Olivia has moved out of her former residence to a location in Los Angeles.  Sources reveal that it was in fact due to the altercation between two parties and to limit the potential threat if one were ever to arise.  If you think this is an over exaggeration then try taking an armed thugs money out of his pocket and see what happens.


Till this day, both parties are no longer in contact.  The feud even affected those outside of Just Kidding Films and Olivia Thai.  David So blocked Olivia off of Instagram and neither are in speaking terms.

This screen shot was taken from Olivia's personal website.  She states that the issue was resolved 1 month after the incident. (see more at!faq/c13hu)
*Note: Olivia also used to be a script writer for Just Kidding films and after she was fired, there currently isn't anyone with the assigned title.

Sources reveal that interns reported that after the incident, the company has CHANGED FOR THE BETTER.  The only way something can change for the better is if it was fucked up in the first place.  I get tons of e-mails asking if I was aware of any updates on the situation... the answer is YES I DO!  It's not of my opinion, but from the statements from a few sources.

Lets first address the most asked question that spams my email:
1. Who was lying?
-As you can see the issue was resolved within 1 month after Olivia put them on blast.  The settlement was made out of court where both parties agreed to remove everything on their end that publicized their unpaid internship fiasco.  Unfortunately for them I have a blog that is the hub for all screenshots that people send me that publicly documents everything.  Till this day she states that the information she presented was 100% true.  This means that there wasn't any gag order or any court ruling against her to prove that what she presented was in any way shape or form defamation or slander. Bart even claimed that Olivia's sister is a corporate lawyer and would have sued that shit out of them if she had a case.  Bart knew that Oliva and her sister were not on talking terms at the time due to personal issues.  Could he have made this statement as a gamble thinking that Olivia wouldn't seek her sister's aid?  Too bad her sister got involved anyway.  On the flip-side, sources state that if there was a case ruling against Oliva for defamation and slander then she would not be able to make any current claims that the information she presented was 100% true... hint hint... She's still claiming it after everything was settled! When Olivia was fired from Just Kidding Films she was issued a 1099 tax form and was classified as a Independent Contractor (watch the video below to see why that might seems conflicting and confusing).  JKfilms would be able to back up their claims against Olivia correct?  They could easily say that they paid her fairly, but if they don't have the documents to prove it then they're shit out of luck! That wasn't the case.  There was no contract!  Upper management didn't even know how to draft one up according to Olivia. Bart called her an employee and clearly fired her therefore they should be able to shut up Olivia due to proper documentation correct?  Like I said, after things were settled she's still sticking to her guns and making the same claims as she did when she put them on blast.  Sounds like a settlement was in her favor.

2. Did Olivia Make This Public To Get Back At Joe?
-No.  As you can see here, Olivia never cheated on Joe.  She was with Daniel a while after they broke up.
 Joe was well aware of their break up date and Daniel never interfered with the relationship.  So why did JKFilms go with that direction of Olivia stirring controversy to get back at her ex? Joe even stated that Olivia did NOT cheat on her.  Observe as Bart tried steering the focus in this direction.

They also tried to blame Olivia for stirring up controversy due to a lack luster performance on TV.  As you can see they were addressing everything else aside from the real issue... UNPAID interns. They clearly failed to address the issue and instead they steered the direction towards possible relationship driven revenge or to COVER THEIR ASSES?!

Joe stated that he didn't fire Olivia due to the lack of performance.  He in fact stated that she was a great employee... so what exactly were the grounds for her termination?  From my understanding one can NOT be fired just because they feel like firing someone.

If this went to court then who would have suffered more?  If the case settled in favor for JKfilms then Olivia would have to retract her statement and may have to repay the damage that she has done to the company... which wouldn't be much.   The fanboys and dick riders of JKfilms are still raging strong and the same could be said for the other team.  If the settlement was in favor for Olivia then JK films would have been covered by the public media as a company that did engage unlawful practices involving unpaid employees, interns and may have stirred up an investigation against the company.   This shit-storm would have gone beyond blogs and tweets. So who do you think would be willing to settle out of court?  Who had more to lose?  Olivia already had a lawyer ready so fees wouldn't have been an issue.

What role did Olivia assume when she was employed by JKfilms?  It's all listed here in this video. This video is still up on their channel so they obviously have no discrepancies with her responsibilities during her time of employment.  Is this the type of workload they assign to Interns?
JKfilms made the video private... I fucking wonder why?!
-The video consisted of duties assigned to Olivia that went well beyond what a simple intern would do.
-The video would have implicated JKfilms for their wrong doing.
-If they have nothing to hide then why make the video private?
-If everything was done legally then make the video public
-Search "day in the life of olivia thai" and you'll find that the other websites that embeded the video have it all on private.
-of all the videos of Olivia Thai on the JKfilms channel this, along with part 2 is now private 

Here are the actual thumbnails of the video that JKFilms hid away:

We know for a fact that Olivia was fired from JKfilms therefore we know she had some kind of employment or internship role in order to be fired.  Having said that, JKfilm's previous statement of having her donate her time as a "friend" or lending her house as a set as a favor is completely moot.  If she was just a friend then how could a "friend" be fired?

Back to this issue of her being classified as an "independent contractor" (1099 tax form)

What kind of independent contractor assumes the role to execute the tasks as stated by Olivia her video (Day In The Life of Olivia).  If in fact she wasn't employee or intern, does JKfilms have to proof to show that they did indeed monetarily compensate Olivia fairly? Actually no... Olivia stated that there were no contracts because Just Kidding Film's upper management did not know how to write one up:

 Taking all that into account, Olivia still made her video public and sited specific numbers in detail of how much she was being compensated.  Note that when Olivia made this video she did it out of her own free will and without the advice from her sister who is a corporate lawyer.

If there were NO contracts then how could they have followed the proper steps to ensure that their company was legally able to hire unpaid interns at all?  Here is an excerpt in regards to hiring unpaid interns from


  1. dang So Olivia was telling the TRUTH

  2. Seems like jk wasn't professional enough, but they resolved their mistake quickly. And now they are a better company.

  3. I have been a long time supporter of jk, not so much anymore.

  4. Olivia should try again at JKF to get her job back just to pay up and to end the feud.

    1. Nah, because that cause more problems. It's best if they apologies to each other.

  5. Olivia and JustKiddingFilms should try to resolve their issues and be partners again now that JKF has changed.

  6. ^ No they will never ever collab together after the dirt Olivia spit out, on their content and their business as a whole.

  7. The only reason why they made the video private was to stop conflict between the fans and them; They didn't do it because they were guilty of the situation.

  8. How is this even credible? Clearly whoever wrote this is bias towards olivia. Fan boys and dick riders of jk? Bart's history of gangs?? Ridiculous.

    1. Actualy this fucking website is a drama website, check their home page. But regarding dick riding, I agree with that one. Only a guy can go after someone else with this much bias for a girl. Girl typically know how to play it cool or tone it down at the very least.

  9. This is such a BIASED collection of fact. Even the fact turned into opnion due to the biased context it was used in. Guys if you are in college or have had college education, think real hard. I'm not saying anyone is right because this article had so much bias fact distorting reporting. The RULE in OBjective ( un-biased ) reporting is you take your personality out of your article and you present fact as it is and ALL of them, not just a SELECTION of your choice. For high school kid or younger. IF you hear someone voice in a article or any writing piece, it is subjective ( bias). Objective (un-biased reporting has little or no voice ( personality). This article had a HUGE VOICE, ergo.......

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I wonder if Julia Chow of JKFilms knows something about this since she was intern before she joined the core group and worked in front of the camera. Was she one of those unpaid interns herself? I think Julia was most definitely there when Olivia was around, maybe at the tail end of it when Olivia was voicing her dissatisfaction?

    Also, Olivia's not in contact with them anymore to this day, right?

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