Saturday, July 12, 2014

JKFilms Grudge: David So VS Olivia Thai PART 3

We don't need a fucking lecture on morals and ethics.  You're a comedian not Confucius... shit.  Well here it is, a response from some of the Just Kidding Films Family... you just have to go through all the verbal diarrhea that was supposed to enlighten us all.

Recap of the all DRAMA.  Includes all the screencaps, conversations and responses from both sides:
part 1:
Part 2:
part 3:
part 4:
part 5:

Olivia Responds to David So


  1. He said he wasn't choosing side but refers to jkfilms as his family and call Olivia stupid. If you decide to bring down a side over another then you're definitely choosing a side.

  2. LOL
    >tells everyone that an issue that doesn't involve them is none of their business
    >puts emphasis on minding your own business
    >proceeds to talk about the issue that is none of his business
    >calls out olivia, even though he is not involved at all
    but hey, all that is none of my business :)

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  4. This is my opinion, but maybe David can better clarify this. First, David isn't just stupidly contradicting himself by saying he doesn't choose sides and then sides with JKF. What he means is that before Olivia posted the video, he didn't choose sides. It wasn't his business. But when Olivia posted the video and said that "others" in the JKF family shared her views (or something like that), then she inadvertently(?) involved David and Tiffany. David and Tiffany posted their somewhat vehement comments because they both felt they needed to defend themselves and state exactly how they felt about JKF to the world, to prevent from getting all these misconstrued comments from fans. Olivia could have been more specific in describing who these "other" people are, but in her attempt to mask their identities, she lumped David and Tiffany into this vague group. So yeah, obviously, both David and Tiffany felt it necessary to defend their positions and, therefore, had to take sides. But yeah, initially, they probably were trying to stay out of it like it's none of their business.

    Hopefully this make sense and that my grammar wasn't too terrible.

  5. Does anybody have screenshots of Tiffany's response to Olivia?