Monday, December 16, 2013

Jason Genova Admits Calling Someone a "Nigger"

The Iron Liar is at it again.  On this subject of racism, Genova claimed that someone hacked his twitter account, but in this video he said it was in fact him dishing out racial slurs.  Genova's fans are quick to defend him when an offensive posts goes up on his Twitter or Facebook and blame "chad" or some other moron who may have his password.  Well... You fuckers are wrong!  For those of you on Jason's dick can now get off of it!  The Sith Lord finally admits that was in fact him calling someone a Nigger... not not nigga, but Nigger on twitter out of sheer anger.  4mins and 22 secs into this video, an annoying whale that will give you high cholesterol if you lock lips with her, brings up the racist comment that Jason made on twitter.

1 comment:

  1. That girl made more racist comments than Jason ever did, but I guess she's allowed because she's "half black" and also really annoying for that matter !