Sunday, December 8, 2013

Is Jason Blaha Calling Out Alberto Nunez & Marc Lobliner?


Who could Jason Blaha of Juggernautfitnesstv be referring to?  There aren't that many fitness gurus on youtube that practice occlusion training given that it's somewhat unorthodox and not fully researched.  In fact there's less than a handful... more like a ballsack full gurus/coaches/youtubers that come to mind when you mention occlusion training.  Alberto Nunez, team3dmj coach, and Marc Lobliner of Tigerfitness are amongst the most popular prep coaches to date and actively promote occlusion training.  What exactly is occlusion training?  It's also known as Blood Flow Restriction Training where you actively restrict that blood flow to your extremities and train with lighter weights.  To read more about it here's the link:

 Photo: 8 mins of occlusion training. I'm still in one piece. #12incharms The JoshStrength Method Metroflex PlanoPhoto: Occlusion bicep/ tricep training for 8 mins straight! Metroflex Plano #metroflex #metroflexplano #gym The JoshStrength Method

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