Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Jason Genova LIED About His Diet!


Watch this video that Jason Genova posted... himself.  Jason's diet, as administered by Aaron Singerman, was supposed to consist of: beef, mustard, eggs and water, but it turns out that he ate and drank everything else other than that! He downed coca cola on a consistent basis, ate sub sandwiches and more!  He claims that he has a passion for bodybuilding and follows directions.  Turns out his passion is a joke and only cares about subscribers.  Blackstone Labs knew he was full of shit when he claimed to follow his diet and dropped his sponsorship.  Jerry Ward from Bios3training was right!  This kid is a joke when it comes to bodybuilding and should issue that apology to his fans and former sponsors. Only Jason Genova would put himself on blast!

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