Monday, November 18, 2013

Bostin Loyd: Possible Amputation?


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Talk about sacrificing health for wealth.  The picture in the left was posted by Boston Loyd a few weeks ago on his Facebook.  He believed that the reason for the swelling was due to a nerve being hit during his routine steroid injections (which he openly admits to taking so DON'T SUE ME!).  Turns out after the swelling subsided, the picture in the left depicts what looks like necrotic tissue.  I showed this picture to several people in the medical field and they all agree that it may have been due to a dirty needle which created an abscess in his arm.  They claim that portions of his arm NEED to be salvaged as soon as possible.  If not, severe illness, amputation and death are highly possible.  To read more about it, here's an interesting article on Boston Loyd posted by Blackstone Labs.  Reason why I'm linking this is because they mention another delusional half witted "pseudo superstar" named Jason "iron uploader who trolls former all Mr. Olympias for subscribers" Genova.

Link to the blackstone labs article

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