Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Adam of Get Fit Fast Supplements Exposes Himself & Blackstone Labs!


Around 13mins into the video Adam, of Get Fit Fast,  discusses with Jason and his mom how he sells "Crap" to make a living and would much rather have him get results the "natural" way.  Adam also points out that the products that Jason is taking will give him: "Small Balls", "Bitch Tits" and problems with his testosterone.  Again these are words he put out there and not of my own so no bullshit defamation threats! Both Adam and Blackstone Labs boast about the safety of these supplements and pro-hormone/ legal pct products, but judging from the statements that he made in this video those claims can easily be interpreted as false.  We're not exactly sure what was in the bag and as far as the public knows, Jason's only supplement sponsors were Iron Mag Labs and Blackstone Labs.  Has someone been doing a little fibbing on their part or was Jason making secret purchases on the side?! Watch and judge for yourself.

Shout out to Amit Dt for bringing this to my attention.

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