Sunday, November 3, 2013

Jason Genova Begs and Bribes Former Mr. Olympia To Workout With Him

Not in it for the fans Jason?  "i am huge on your tube" right... right...

It seems like Jason Genova is having a breakdown now that Andrew, his former cameraman and best friend, is having all the attention and fame.  His new videos are receiving massive amounts of the thumbs down rating and his subscriber count is at a stand still.  Andrew on the other hand has made a huge jump in subscribers upwards towards 1500+ in a few days.  There's also suspicion that Jason has been buying likes to offset the dislikes in his recent videos.  Let's dig a little deeper shall we?

In these videos, Pre-Andrew Betrayal, his like counts ranged around the 60's to 170's... But after the influx of massive amounts of dislikes...

There's a huge jump in likes that go well over 500!  This is the highest it's ever been.  Dislikes are expected since it's easier to feel upset when someone sells out for a camera and dumps a best friend, but likes... that's something that has to be earned and isn't gained over night!  You decide!

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