Monday, August 12, 2013

Gym Apparel That Makes Sense: Broscience Depot


Nowadays you see tons of youtubers and entertainers forcing their Brand Name Gym Apparel on you when you go out to exercise.  No one will give 2 fucks about that big L on your shirt... a lot won't even know what the fuck it means!  Since it's considered rude to correct people on their form in the gym, why not wear a shirt that says "ass to grass, parallel or it doesn't count" and stand right next to the fucker that's doing quarter squats.  Even better, wear a shirt that says Douchebags curl in the squat rack and walk up to him and ask, "how many curls do you have left.".  Subtle GTFO's are the way to go nowadays.  No one gives a damn about some shirt spewing aesthetics!  Wear something that everyone can understand. 

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