Thursday, August 15, 2013

Chris Jones of P.O.G Stirs Up Drama at The Brothers in Iron 2 w/ Ronnie Coleman

In this video you see Chris Jones bitch and whine about people standing around in what looks to be a, "watch Ronnie workout" session as opposed to a collaborative, "work out together" routine.  He cries and moans about how he's not someone who stands around like a fan boy and doesn't want to just stand there and get in the way of Ronnie while he works out.  Turns out that what Chris was saying is pure BULLSHIT!  Potatoes will Potate!  As you can see in this video from, There isn't anyone crowding around Ronnie Coleman!  Marc Lobliner, and Big J are getting their workouts in and sweating their balls off.  If anything Ronnie Coleman is the one sitting around watching other people workout while he waits to get in his set.  From what it looks like, Chris Jones didn't get any ass kissing or attention from the great Ronnie Coleman and was treated like an equal.  If it's not ass kissing the Chris Jones doesn't want any part of it! 

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