Friday, August 30, 2013

Bios3training Issues Challenge To Jason Genova

This time Bios3training calls out Jason Genova on his bullshit.  Jason Genova is known for stepping on the bodybuilding stage nowhere near conditioned.  Last competition he looked 14 weeks out yet stood on stage to compete.  Bios3training issued this challenge to give Jason Genova the chance to prove him wrong, and to come on stage completely shredded within 7 weeks.  At over 20% bodyfat, I highly doubt Jason Genova will come anywhere near shredded.  From the looks of it what Bios3training has been preaching about this Jason Genova kid is true.  Maybe he isn't a serious bodybuilder... maybe he's just avid fan that admires the sport, but doesn't have the BALLS to compete in it.  I'm sure Jason's coaches are doing their best to try and get Jason into shape, but it's Jason's failure to execute any of it.

1 comment:

  1. I'm pulling for Jason as I'm sure we all are. But without the drugs, he don't got a chance. However on a publix stocker salary, not sure how he's gonna afford them.