Sunday, July 28, 2013

Marc Lobliner Calls Jason Blaha of Icecreamfitness Stupid?

Jason Blaha of Icecreamfitness is known for his shots against the 100% natural "Lame Nordstrom". In this video Marc Lobliner claims that he and Jason Blaha have no beef between eachother, but at around 5mins 34sec into the video Marc says that, "Stupid, I don't think is a bad word, but it's a word that you don't want to use... unless you're talking about people who make fun of Layne Norton."  It would be very easy for Marc to push this off and claim that he was not talking about Jason Blaha... but who else makes fun of Layne Norton more than he does?  You decide!

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  1. Marc Lobliner is Not natural.

    Here you go: