Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kalimuscle Does Gay 4 Pay as Chuck Basher?! G4P?!

Here are a few screen shots of the gay websites he's featured on.  I refuse to click on them myself so I took screen shots of the sites instead.  

Youtube's newcomer to the fitness community, Kalimuscle, has been keeping it real and gangster to all his fans out there in youtube land.  He preaches strong broscience, but has incredible mass that many admire and wish to achieve.  He promotes his pre-workout concoction called "hyphy mud" which consists of a mixture of soda and a scoop of instant coffee.  Recently we found that he is a celebrity in the gay community with the alias CHUCK BASHER, doing what the youtube fitness community calls "GAY 4 PAY."  He has nudes circulating around the internet for the gay community.  I have no problems with homosexuals, but I do find it disturbing when a straight man poses to be gay just to make some pay. To each his own.  He proclaims that he wasn't given any power over the distribution of the photos when they were taken and that he was only compensated for the photo shoot itself.  In other words the distribution of the photos were not up to his discretion and could be used by the distributor in any way shape or form...