Tuesday, July 16, 2013

LOA Matt Ogus & Chris Lavado Show-up Soft!

2013 Muscle Mayhem Matt Ogus and Chris Lavado of Loa vowed to come in tip-top shape, but by the look of it they both came in soft and far from being in prime condition.  Competitors Kevin Riley and Chris Elkins, both coached by 3dmj, showed up in tip top condition!  As you can see in these videos Matt Ogus and Chris Lavado's definition especially in their quads and shoulders can't hold a candle to Kevin Riley's conditioning.

Here's a video of 3dmj Coach Alberto Nunez covering the specific topic on how eating out can be the determining factor in losing your spot in 1st place.  Sure Matt Ogus follows flexible dieting, but how accurate is it when the people at chipotle don't use a scale to measure every single scoop for every single macro.

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