Saturday, February 1, 2014

Vince Garza Drops John Otis Hollywood and Takes His Own "Expert" Advice

John Otis Hollywood constructed more champions than Ol' Dirty Bastard manufactured babies.  With that said Vince Garza believes, in his own expert opinion, that his own way is the right way.  Fuck science right?  That 205lbs that he hit during that dirty bulk was pure muscle RIGHT?!  In the past Vince already mentioned that he was going to drop JOH because he didn't agree with the volume, rep ranges and overall training that he was providing.  So what do you all think?  Is this a protocol that the Pro Architect would approve of or did Vince already give him the axe?


  1. Never understood the point of hiring a coach like JOH anyway because they are not guys who want to get a pro card, because they just want to look good at the trade shows they are going to this year, and also any idiot who has trained and knows there own body should know how to go on a cut and get down to about 8% body fat without the need for expert help IMO.