Thursday, March 5, 2015

Vince Garza & Chris Jones Ditch P.O.G Fans?

On an instagram post today Vince Garza, of Physiques of Greatness, disappoints  supporters by not showing up to the Arnold Classic due to a delayed flight.  Chris also won't be attending, but he paid his dues by making it at least to one expo to meet his fans.  Vince figured that it's not worth a 15hr flight to meet supporters and fans.  Funny thing is that Vince loves to boast and brag about spending money made from his supporters  and followers yet doesn't deem it necessary or worth the effort to meet and thank them in person.  Chris Jones made many sacrifices to at least meet his fans at one expo (LA fit) but Vince hasn't  made it to any recently.  Don't you guys love how he says it's not worth the time to see his supports and ends off his message telling you to buy his product.   Long flights to see fans are apparently not worth it, but taking their money is fine?! Meanwhile The Hodge Twins, who also experienced cancelled flights due to the weather, were still able to make it to the expo. You guys decide.
Here the Hodge Twins Explain how both of their flights were cancelled, but they still made it out to their fans.