Friday, January 30, 2015

Cynthia Whitlatch: "Racist" Cop Executes a BULLSHIT Arrest!

Another dumb bitch pig pulls over an elderly black man for fake weapon charges.  In this video it's obvious that this elderly black man (William Wingate) was minding his own fucking business while this shroom headed 40% bodyfat pig stops him as he was about to cross the street.  In his hand held held a very dangerous and life threatening... golf club.  He should have made a citizens arrest against her for possession of a harmful substance... her ugly face.  Watch the video here:

 This screen shot was in response to Seattle resident Brian Davis
-Pig pulls over elderly black man for weapon charges (a golf club)
-Files bullshit charges against him
-Is punished by being assigned to a desk position
-Victim is suing for $750,000.00 against the police department.
-Justice isn't served

More screencaps and info can be found here:

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